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A question of toast……

I have recently been reading a novel by William Boyd in which one of the protagonists, a brilliant piano tuner, speaks of a certain sequence of chords and harmonies which, when played by a virtuoso, would, without fail, bring tears … Continue reading

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Take 12 pounds of lemons, a clean jar and a stone….

Madame Guinaudeau, a French woman who was married to a doctor practising in Fez, wrote “Traditional Moroccan Cooking” over a period of three decades. The book was finally published in 1958 as “Fès Vu par sa Cuisine” and is recognised … Continue reading

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Preserving a myth…

There was a poster for a lemon cordial that I still clearly remember from my childhood. It was an illustration of a lemon with a humanoid face that was puckered with the sharpness that we  associate with lemon juice: “Idris … Continue reading

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You can tell a book from its cover..

I’ve recently come to the opinion that we’re much more successful at preserving vegetables than we are at preserving youthful looks. In that half land of waking, this morning, the imagined strains of a childhood song, “With a face like … Continue reading

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