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too Little too late….

There was a time, not all that long ago, when quantity and quality were unlikely bedfellows. It would be rare indeed for them to┬ábe seen together, even just holding hands, let alone snuggled up together under the duvet where it … Continue reading

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Strike over a lack of conductors…..

The after effects of yesterday’s storm have been apocalyptic. I use the term advisedlyas, apart from the expected mayhem, it appears that the storm has temporarily bent various, previously immutable, physical laws to its will, of which more later. Electricity, … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend, Sir?

A childhood of single sex boarding schools, followed by a career in any sex you like photography, has cleanly excised any sexual prejudice that in a less testing environment might have flourished. Doing unto others as you would have them … Continue reading

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A little piece…

There’s not a lot left of 2012. Within a few hours it will have been consigned to history, albeit a very clear history owing to the millions of instagrams, billions of tweets and trillions of irrevocable, bare assed, Facebook entries … Continue reading

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