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Thinking of pussy…

A quiet still hour, with Molly sitting on my lap, has given rise to a Professor Higgins moment. It has made me wonder why a person can’t be more like a cat. I should make it clear that I am … Continue reading

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Lunch with Molly…

Molly and I share similar tastes in that we both very much like roast chicken and sardines which Jenny does not. In a well ordered ménage à trois, as is ours, such a problem is not insurmountable being resolved by the simple … Continue reading

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The cat’s bollocks and other tales…..

The woolly hat pulled down around my ears efficiently protected them from the chill of the biting wind but failed miserably in filtering out the piercing cries of an enraged cat in a cage being carted off for castration. Molly, the cat in … Continue reading

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Seeing for the first time, not understanding and being content…

This image bears a resemblance, if not immediately apparent, to myself staring in wonder at the emptiness of the blank page. Whether with pencil, pen, paintbrush or poised finger tips I find my self frozen in attendance of the admonitory tones … Continue reading

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Cat under a hot tin roof…

The day before the one in question, we had become aware of another presence insinuating itself into the tranquil peace of our home. This is a rare period of the year when there are very few birds in the garden and so … Continue reading

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