Glass half full……

The French Print Space has only been open 2 weeks and already my prints are hanging on walls in Australia, USA, Scotland and England which has exceeded my wildest expectations. With only 2 days left before our printers, the superb Print Space in London, go off for their Christmas I wanted to introduce to this new set of images. I’m really happy with this new print which can be bought individually or in a series of four colour ways and, naturally, in a multitude of different sizes and prices. The image is printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag and is shipped FREE WORLDWIDE.

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Christmas is coming……

“Warm Frost”

At the end of the first week of the French Print House, which coincides with the last week before Christmas, I have been delighted with sales beyond my expectations and with the amount of people who have visited the store.
I have added some more prints over the last few days, including the one above of frosted leaves, as I slowly expand the range of available pictures. Please don’t forget that our printers go on holiday on 22 December and are not back until 2 January 2019…..and delivery is FREE WORLDWIDE.

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The French Print House

Over the last year I’ve gathered together a small collection of my recent photographs and  drawings and am pleased to announce that they are for sale in The French Print House as from today. I have curated a wide range of images which are offered as signed giclée prints on Hahnemuhle Pearl art paper or, for the drawings, on Canson Aquarelle Rag paper. The good news is that shipping is FREE worldwide. Please have a look ……and, should you wish to buy a print, it’s worth remembering that our printers will be closed from December 22 until January 02 in 2019 for their Christmas holiday.

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a look at my new book….France 2014-18

This new book of mine contains a carefully selected set of pictures of places, people and food that have caught my attention over the past few years. The significance of the years cannot be missed. I am so grateful that I lived these years in this century and not the last.
The link below leads to a preview of the book and a link to the Blurb store where it is available for sale.

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the importance of buying Basil

I’m just mad about Basil, but Basil’s not mad about me…..which is disappointing. It may be that I’m too demanding; too in Basil’s face. I want him with me all the time, and Jenny’s OK with that, by the way, but it’s a one way street. Much as I pamper and refresh him I have only to turn my back for a minute for the luxuriant, glossy leaved, Basil that accompanied me home to revert to a drear, drooping,  dullard completely devoid of taste. I have planted and potted Basil to no avail. The only reliable solution has been to pick up a fresh Basil whenever I see one……a sort of herbal Grinder. The thing with Basil is to use it fresh and to use lots of it. The Light Basil Sauce, from “The Provencal Cookbook” by Patricia Wells, is a wonderful example of how addictive is a hit of Basil……it’s served with a very good white bean soup which works very well in the warmth of this soft underbelly of summer.
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Instagram……on my blog….


For the last 12 months, or so, my posts have appeared with ever diminishing regularity. I think this is because…..let me be more precise: the reason for this paucity of words is because, above all, I am a visual person and, as such, I have been successfully seduced by Instagram which has given me the freedom to publish my photographs and drawings without the addition of a small essay. Much as I enjoy writing there is no question that I am at my most content when creating pictures and, if possible, cooking at the same time.

From henceforth you will find a link to my Instagram feed by clicking on any of the 4 pictures displayed in the Instagram widget at the bottom of the right hand column of this page. I hope to see you on Instagram as well as here in WordPress.

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Photography and Instagram workshop in France

I’m running a photography and instagram workshop in the heart of the French countryside in October. The location is the Mervent Forest in the Sud Vendée with easy access from La Rochelle Airport or via train to Niort or La Rochelle. Contact me on and I’ll give you all the details. ….prices start from as low as £599….or go straight to the site where you will find all the prices and description of accomodation plus a Booking button..

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A call for help….

My Instagram account has been hacked, which means that I have lost control of how the hackers may use my food pictures ( like the one above) and, worst of all, pictures of my family and grandchildren. I’d be grateful if any of my blog followers who may follow my Instagram account ( Roger Stowell) could put a comment on my most recent Instagram post saying that “This account has been hacked and Roger is no longer in control of the content”. I’m making this request as Instagram/Facebook have absolutely no interest in taking any steps to prevent hackers or in helping those who have been hacked.
Many thanks
Hopefully I’ll get going on some more food posts once I can get away from the sunny garden:)

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seeing the light…….

This picture is as clear an illustration of the nature of digital photography as you’re likely to see. The digital photography to which I’m referring is not the one whose algorithms quickly produce the pleasing image that you see on your phone but that which deals with shooting RAW images and then taking that information, as one would in cooking with raw ingredients, and metamorphosing them into something new and wonderful. The ratatouille that I’m going to make from these ingredients will only be as good as the intuition, ability and skill at cooking that I bring to them and, hopefully, will make a dish that no instant packet food could ever replicate. Much of good cooking, as with photography, is the result of experience: of trial and error: and of the occasional Eureka moment that we all wish would happen on a more regular basis. There’s looking ….and then there’s seeing….I’ll be showing you the difference on my Photography Workshop* that we’ll be running in France at the beginning of October this year. I should mention that I’ll be only too happy to help you with your phone photography….they’ll be time for everything

We’ll be staying in a lovely house, with a pool, in the Mervent Forest and overlooking the lovey river Mere which sweeps through it. Plenty of time for walks and visits to bars and restaurants…..we’ll also be eating and drinking very well back at the ranch.

*clicking on the link takes you the BiginFrance website….wait for the turquoise panel at the top of screen to appear and click on Photography Courses.

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October photography break in France…


My photography isn’t limited to food and cooking as previous posts might suggest. Much as I enjoy anything to do with good food and creating it, my real love is for image making and writing about it. This October I shall be running a photography workshop in the  corner of France in which I have lived for the last 20 years. The aim of the workshop is to share my enthusiasm for digital photography, to debunk a few myths and to stimulate people to advance a few steps deeper into the pleasures of the digital darkroom…….and to have a few ideas for you instagrams, of course.

The picture above is the cover of my new book*… clicking on this link   you can have a complete preview of the book which may give you some idea of the path along which I would hope to lead you.

Details of the dates, price, location of the workshop can be found on the following link which includes booking forms:

    • The price of the book is set by and is beyond my control and does not reflect my profit which is 10€.


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