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several hours before the mast ……

As an archivist I would make an excellent document shredder. I have been a professional photographer for 50 years yet, from the paucity of hard evidence confirming that boast, it would be easier to believe that there is intelligent life … Continue reading

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As a young photographer I was not interested in nor informed about the world of politics. My world was filled with more important things such as myself. I lived through momentous times without noticing much save that I wasn’t as important … Continue reading

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A life in photography….

As a preamble, that I’ve been inspired, after seeing an article about Light, a brand new technology camera company, to write a piece about my career and how it evolved through traditional analogue cameras to current digital technology to which I am in thrall. I don’t have many clear … Continue reading

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Brussels demand a green Xmas…..

September is long gone, but the leaves of brown show no sign of tumbling down this November although the lyricist would be happy to know that it’s raining. Wherever he was when he penned those lyrics, it wasn’t the Vendee. … Continue reading

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Kiss and Make up……

Being nearly June, I’m surprised to still be lighting the fire at the end of each day. As the nights are still cold I find that we are continuing the winter ritual of watching television, in the warm glow of … Continue reading

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Lovely buns…

It’s worrying when cows start to appear attractive. I have to stop poking my camera over hedges and luring these tasty bun fillers into the belief that they may have a future in the glossy world of media. La Vache … Continue reading

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