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A Tale of Two Pies…

It was the very best of pies: it was the very worst of pies.Veal and ham pie, best described as a long raised meat pie with a row of hard boiled eggs running through the middle, is part and parcel of … Continue reading

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drawing on resources…the circumference of pie…

Cooking has an architecture of its own. There is the extravagant rococo of chocolate confections, the classical pillars supporting towering wedding cakes, the painstaking science of molecular cuisine, the soft curving shells of magically set egg white and, in my … Continue reading

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Getting a bit crusty with Ottolenghi…..

  As a rule, it is unusual for me to find either TV chefs or lumps of cooked egg white enjoyable. There’s a relentlessness about television presenters, that may well be part of their training, which serves to quickly remove any … Continue reading

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egg tempera..ment

Like a sun tanned Humpty Dumpty, I am cracked and broken. As with H.D, I am basically a good egg but fragile. The last few days have provided me with a cogent and flawless argument against the extension of the … Continue reading

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It’d take more than an apple to tempt Adam…

Given the choice of watching paint dry or onions browning, I’d opt to sit on a terrace overlooking clear blue sea with a chilled glass of something delicious . I take this choice whenever I’m engaged in important, but time … Continue reading

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The Vinpire sees red….

Vinpire:  a nocturnal creature that lives for the taste of fermented grape juice, as long as it’s red, and often finishes the evening trying to hang upside down from a beam or just falling down without making the effort of … Continue reading

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