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the man from Marseille…

Our local supermarket’s male employees tend not to be slim, suntanned and, above all, smiling; nor do they wear their hair in the mini ponytail once popular with hipsters and now de rigueur with rugby players but yet there he … Continue reading

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drawing on resources…the circumference of pie…

Cooking has an architecture of its own. There is the extravagant rococo of chocolate confections, the classical pillars supporting towering wedding cakes, the painstaking science of molecular cuisine, the soft curving shells of magically set egg white and, in my … Continue reading

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…putting a name to a beak.

In the still of this sunfilled early morning, there’s me and legion of small birds who are all making their particular peaceful noises, that I recognise but can’t put a beak to. Bees, so fat that they have no business … Continue reading

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The Vinpire sees red….

Vinpire:  a nocturnal creature that lives for the taste of fermented grape juice, as long as it’s red, and often finishes the evening trying to hang upside down from a beam or just falling down without making the effort of … Continue reading

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I’ll follow the sun… with a smoked salmon tart in tow.

The sun has resolutely decided to keep shining, steadfastly ignoring any rumours of winter,  which is a good thing if you are a food photographer working with daylight. One of the bad things for such a photographer would be a … Continue reading

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The courting and seduction of the disingenuous plum

Summer seduces with warmth and blue skies, or the anticipation of both, whereas Autumn seduces with colour. I’m not alluding  to the glorious annual show of colour produced by the forest, but to the luscious displays of damsons, figs, blackberries … Continue reading

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Boiled, skinned and cut in half….. and that’s just the apricots

Life is certainly long enough to stuff a mushroom, if there was any point in it, which there isn’t. However, unless you are patissier or one of those people who are annoyingly adept at doing very difficult things easily thus … Continue reading

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New look to our digital photography holidays, in France, for food lovers.

Check out

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The flesh is weak

I have been suffering at the hands, nay claws, of a vicious micro organism after foolishly choosing to eat 1/2 lb of seasoned raw meat for my lunch on Thursday, which is a strange decision for a self declared closet … Continue reading

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Short and sweet

The rain keeps falling and I keep cooking. We’re having a busy week which leaves me very little time to write, so this is short and sweet – as is the pastry on this very good chocolate tart.

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