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une belle horizontale….

Of the phrases that exemplify the quality of French as a diplomatic language few can compare with “belle horizontale” as a well turned euphemism for an “expensive tart” and there is no doubt that the eponymous Tarte au Citron Cartet, … Continue reading

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Preserving a myth…

There was a poster for a lemon cordial that I still clearly remember from my childhood. It was an illustration of a lemon with a humanoid face that was puckered with the sharpness that we ¬†associate with lemon juice: “Idris … Continue reading

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Woke up, got out of bed…..

This morning, deliciously drugged from a deep dream filled sleep, I remained lying on the bed in the near narcoleptic state that is the magical moment that I am so loathe to let go before consciousness reintroduces me to today’s … Continue reading

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