Norman IS an island …

This sort of misunderstanding starts wars….or warts. John, hits the space bar instead of the “r” key, now known as the “tur” key, and Norman’s status as an island is lost in a flash The bell has been tolling for Norman and not for you or me over eons of time as nobody has asked, because he asked us not to , as to why the bell is always tolling. Norman can’t hear the bell, doesn’t give a fuck about the bell….what John should have mentioned first is that Norman is not only a clod but is also stone deaf which is why he was writing a note to Norman about the danger of being washed away by the sea and so he’d be aware that a bell was tolling for him and to make it clear that it wasn’t and isn’t tolling for me or you as it was ringing for him. We’ll never know why J.Donne was warning Norman as he, JD, heard the bell and thought it was ringing for him and not for Norman and so he went to the bell, foolishly not asking for whom it tolled, without leaving a note explaining the note he had left for Normam soon to be known down the ages as Noman. The fate of the world turns on moments such as this.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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8 Responses to Norman IS an island …

  1. Jay Bleu says:

    LOL! This is funny. I’m the worst with typos!

  2. Anna Dusseau says:

    Why don’t I use the word ‘clod’ more often? I’m going to see if I can casually slip it into a sentence tomorrow. As an insult, obviously. A clod of overcooked pasta would be too easy in this house, and not in the true spirit of playing the game. Fun post.

    • You’re right….clod needs reinstating:)

      • “clod” was used as an insult when I was at school. It was also, if memory from that distant past serves, a smallish piece of earth, such as would be thrown up by a horse’s hoof, that was large enough to throw at a schoolfellow. The clod, if it hit, did not s much hurt as make a mess of the target’s school uniform, resulting in him (usually him, but we sometimes threw at girls we fancied) getting a bollicking from his mother. Ah, they were the days.

      • They were indeed… except I remember a few clods flying in my direction😀

  3. Mad Dog says:

    If you were talking about the Coach and Horses, Norman probably fits all those descriptions!

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