brown sugar, how come you taste so good….*

 A pudding as addictive as this is not for the abstemious nor for those who would eschew excesses of sugar and fat. This is phat….hot and tempting, dripping with butter and soft brown sugar, born out of a lasciviously lazy hunger which is an ideal genealogy for such a disgraceful dessert. I came upon this mongrel of a tatin by way of  sucre vergeoise, a soft dark sugar for which I’m not sure of a replacement,  which I used in a pineapple upside down cake that I had recently cooked The simplicity of melting sweet butter in a pan and mixing into it the thick soft brown sugar with a wooden spoon rather than waiting anxiously for the magic of caramelisation to happen, or not,  was the first thing that attracted me to this temptress. Then came the ease of just laying the pears on top of the buttery sugar mixture,  covering the lot with a sheet of ready made puff pastry and putting it into a hot oven. This is exactly what lazy hunger demands……and all that remains is to find something suitably lascivious with which to occupy oneself for the 35 minutes or so until the hot oven disgorges a glossy, sinful and impossibly moreish tart….one could try to only have one slice.

*apologies to the Rolling Stones for using this wonderful line

.Pear Tatin…..with a nod to upside down cake

4 Conference pears cut in half
20gms unsalted butter
140gms sucre vergoise ….this is a very soft sugar obtained from the sugar beet
which can be dark or light in colour. Replace with a moist brown sugar which pinches easily into lumps.
Packet of frozen puff pastry ….circular if using a tatin tin as I do.

Preheat oven to 200C. I use a pizza oven setting at 180C  that creates a very hot oven cooking simultaneously on the top and bottom.

  • Peel, core and halve the pears.
  • Put the butter in the tatin tin over a medium heat until the butter is melted.
  • Stir the brown sugar into the melted butter and take the pan off the heat.
  • Place the pear halves in a circle in the buttery sugar, rounded side down.
  • Lay the puff pastry over the pears, tucking the pastry in around the sides, and cut a couple of slits in the top of the pastry to let out steam.
  • Put the tin in the preheated oven and cook for 30- 35 minutes or until the pastry is well browned and the juices have become thick and sticky.
  • Turn out onto a plate being aware that there will be juices that may run over the edge of the plate.

About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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19 Responses to brown sugar, how come you taste so good….*

  1. Sally says:

    Just add custard….

  2. Eha says:

    ‘Lasciviously lazy hunger’ . . . . oh, Roger, I can just see you standing for the whole 35 minutes in front of your oven window waiting for this beauty to emerge: do hope you so enjoyed both the photography and the demolishing . . . . and there am I, this ‘abstemious one’, who at present does not have a spoonful of any kind of sugar anywhere in the house . . . 🙂 !

  3. Mad Dog says:

    I think Keith prefers this kind of brown sugar nowadays. Pink Floyd might like a nice pear too!

  4. catterel says:

    No, nlt custard – crème fraîche – a big dollop …

  5. Linda Duffin says:

    I damned nearly booked a flight when I saw this on Instagram. The only thing that stopped me was the knowledge that you’d already have scoffed it by the time I could get there. Thumbs up.

  6. here we have it again , Master Roger produced another sensual tart and post

  7. Conor Bofin says:

    I have sugar problems Roger. This is not helping. But then again, you can’t always get what you want….

    • I like it, like it…yes I do! I was overdoing sugar a couple of years ago. Following a blood test I cut down rigorously and have no problem now. Although I make these desserts Jenny and I will only have a small slice each at dinner so a tarte tatin will last over 4 days. The only other sugar I have is in fruit. I have to say, I feel a lot better for the change.

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