As a young photographer I was not interested in nor informed about the world of politics. My world was filled with more important things such as myself. I lived through momentous times without noticing much save that I wasn’t as important as I had initially imagined. And then I had left London, had left middle age and had realised how lucky I was to have made it this far without having ever having looked in my rear view mirror. Today, whilst rifling through the book shelves, I came across this picture that I had taken in the early 70’s.


The picture held memories for me as it was to be a cover for the iconic “Nova” magazine but it was the recollection of the process of creating the image that led me to write this post. On the day of the shoot the model duly arrived at the studio looking forward to being on the cover of the leading style magazine of the time. I remember she was very young and this was to be for her an important step up the ladder of recognition but, for all her inexperience, I could see that she was surprised at the lack of personnel present on such an important session. On such a shoot one would expect to see a stylist, a hairdresser, a make up artist together with the magazine’s fashion editor and her entourage of assistants and assistant’s assistants but there we were, the three of us….me , the model and the art director. And so the obfuscation begun. We were looking for a young natural look, which we assured her she possessed in spades, and which would be diminished by the primping and painting by so called experts in the field of beauty. Had she brought some clothes and jewelry for the shoot in line with our brief to her agency? Why would we want a stylist to provide clothes for a model such as her who, no doubt, had a wardrobe bursting at the seams with cool clothes…what do fashion editor’s know, for God’s sake? Having been assured that all she needed to do was to brush out her hair and leave the rest to the photographer she sat confidently in front of the camera and was surprised at how quickly the shoot was over. She was promised that she would be delighted by the result and it would change her life.

I believe therefore I am right……..ring any bells?


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30 Responses to Credo….

    • no….I was thinking it was exactly how naive people were conned into voting for Trump or Brexit…just made to believe something without any real proof…and then ending up looking like a dumb cabbage:)

      • bizzyella says:

        Oh, that’s cruel. She does look pretty behind that cabbage leaf and she did get a cover. While upstaged by a cabbage leaf, true, but it does still go on her resume. I say congrats to her for being game and going with the program. Those Trump supporters? That’s another issue. A lot of them are about to lose their health insurance. I bet they will blame it on the Democrats.

      • so dumb to trust the snake oil salesmen…

  1. Mad Dog says:

    You’ve gone full circle and come back trendy – I’m sure I’ve seen several photographers taking similar pictures in the last year!
    …and I’m inclined to think the same as bizzyella.

    • as I said to Lynn bizzyella…no….I was thinking it was exactly how naive people were conned into voting for Trump or Brexit…just made to believe something without any real proof…and then ending up looking like a dumb cabbage:)

  2. I love the image though – this is the kind of statement I would hang on my wall! And now I must pop back and see if bizzyella and mad are right. Though you know how the comments section can adopt a life of its own! c

    • as I said to both MD and Bizzyella….no….I was thinking it was exactly how naive people were conned into voting for Trump or Brexit…just made to believe something without any real proof…and then ending up looking like a dumb cabbage:)….my political satire seems to have failed

      • Dumb cabbages! Maybe I should hang that in my kitchen but I would be the only one who gets it down here in Trump country! Which would make me laugh twice! c

      • That’s a very French expression..”laugh twice”…I’ve never heard it in English before. Didn’t realise you were in Trump country….mostly because of my American geography…now I think about it, Trump won the North which is were the Great Plains are, which is where you are…I think:)

    • Eha says:

      Celi – if it does not care about his megalomania, vulgarity, cruelty, lying et al isn’t the local Trump country even a little worried about the four bankruptcies Trump’s companies have had to declare or the proven ONE BILLION dollars [he admits to 500 mill!] he currently owes . . . so what is he going to do – declare the US bankrupt and say ‘it was a good business decision’ ? You better put that picture up milady 🙂 !!

  3. jmcheney says:

    What would Arcimboldo’s model say to her about the fame & glamor of it all? I think she turned over a new leaf in life.

  4. Yup, there you have it! Pretty grim…..

  5. Jackie Foster says:

    I remember it well, but had no idea so few of you were involved in the shot – an iconic pic.

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Ardys says:

    Upon reading a fantastic historic account of the Great Migration of blacks from south to north in the USA, between 1915 and 1975, to which I was totally oblivious, I can relate to your post. I was not nearly as dumb as I was cabbage looking, er something. I doubt Trump can say the same.

  7. Ah bless…poor girl 😆 wonder what happened to her?!

  8. Eha says:

    And the naiveté is still happily ensconced within the mindset of so many people! What a horrendous shock half the world is going to get so very, very soon. Exactly which of his promises will ‘the guy’ be able to keep? And when he cancels the long awaited Trans Pacific Partnership on the first day in the White House as he has promised and all of us have to join in with the Chinese proposal . . . . what exactly will happen to the US economy? Putin is undoubtedly laughing himself silly and the fool himself is still ignorant . . . as long as he does not push some wrong buttons . . . am truly sorry for the people in the States . . .

  9. Ah the multitudes of dumb cabbages. Sigh. Most of which had no business being as naive as your young model.

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