Food Photography Course – September in the Vendée


Getting down to dinner at the end of an exciting day of cooking and photography.

From the 12-16 September 2016, I’ll be hosting a food photography course, run by Vendée Holidays.UK, at a beautiful old house deep in the heart of the Marais in the Sud Vendée of West France. The area is a treasure trove of wonderful produce boasting both Parthenais and Charolais beef, fish and seafood from the Vendée coast and islands, vegetables from the fertile farms of the local Maraichers and superb local butter, cream and eggs ( from black Chalonais hens). Much of the cooking will be done in the summer kitchen in and on a wood fired oven and a plancha, which offers a wonderful opportunity to photograph the drama of open fire cooking.  The huge open sided barn, which houses the kitchen, performs as a the most desirable daylight studio imaginable, not only for the quality of light but also for the liberal amount of space which is perfect for group lessons and practical photography. Check out the details on:


About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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1 Response to Food Photography Course – September in the Vendée

  1. Eha says:

    Methinks there would not be one reader amongst the plethora delighted when one of your posts lands in their box who would not love to be there . . . even [wickedly] just for the food and the ambiance if not for serious food photography! Hope you will be able to provide some ‘post-production’ photos!

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