Oh no…he’s going to be political!

Oh no, he’s not! There is little point in continuing with the pantomime refrain as any political convictions that I have, have had or might have in the future are invariably based on emotions rather than political nous ( I’m sure that nous should have an “e” on the end but Spellcheck say no..or noo) . I lay the blame for my current political emotions firmly at the doorstep of Digital Radio . We were gifted this window on the world a couple of years ago but it has only been quite recently that I have been able to “enjoy” the proselytising of the multitude of political  commentators employed by commercial radio. The delay in the arrival of this daily joy into our kitchen was due to my belief that a radio would work when it was turned on by pressing/turning the button marked “on”. I pressed or turned each and every one of the multitude of buttons that lay in serried ranks on the sleek black casing, but answer was there none, the radio remained silent, save for an irritating static buzz. I hadn’t read the  manual, and who in their right mind would…the answer to that conundrum is that our son in law would, who is  very much in his right mind and who saw the answer on the first page of the thick manual and passed that answer on to his thick father in law ( I prefer the French “beau pere” or “handsome father” to the more prosaic English version, but I’m beginning to prefer all things French rather than the prosaic English version…except for our RugbyXV…I can’t carry on inside these brackets any longer…it’s like talking behind someone’s back). From a distance it’s true to say that today’s Britain does not appear in any way to be great. The opinions that tumble from the mouths of the presenters and those that “ring in” to agree or disagree with them suggest a giant, hermaphroditic Mrs Bucket ( Bouquet if “yes” prevails) , troubled with the same delusions of grandeur, staring worriedly from the White Cliffs as she/he prepares to repel any one of those greedy Johnny Foreigners who have might get into his/her head the idea of inviting themselves over for one of her candlelit suppers,  a free hysterectomy or to take the food from the mouths of babies as a new age option to bayonetting. As a primarily monoglot society, which glot many Great Britons have reduced to monosyllables, we British have been traditionally uncomfortable “abroad”. That has all changed now thanks to our new mobile society which is able to freely travel  the world demonstrating its singular brand of patronising politeness, lightly seasoned with the wormwood of arrogance, or simply vomiting and fucking whilst spending as much money as possible. J.Foreigner, so impressed with these qualities, has learnt to speak English and having recreated himself in our image, wants to come home to Mummy Britannia for a slice of that delicious cake of wealth, success and liberty about which she so gaily brags about on every available medium. I hope the irony in this last statement is clear as I am a firm believer in a multicultural society and in Britain remaining in Europe.

Here’s a picture of something sweet to take away the bitterness…..only joking….I think .



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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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42 Responses to Oh no…he’s going to be political!

  1. Mad Dog says:

    I’m a great believer in, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” at home and abroad, init 🙂

  2. Nadia says:

    Did you make the tart and what is it?

  3. “Learnt” to speak English…. LOL

  4. So what did the son in law do to get the digital radio to work?

    • The first note asks if you wish to use your radio as a normal radio, a DAB or an internet radio. The latter was what I wanted to get Radio 4 and the moment we set the radio to Internet it worked perfectly from the Wi Fi….I just hadn’t looked:)

  5. Francesca says:

    A wonderful stream of consciousness containing a wealth of wordy gems to which I can only reply ‘Bloody Poms’.

  6. MELewis says:

    Oh I do love Mrs. Bucket. Heaven spare us her delightful candlelight suppers!

  7. bizzyella says:

    Whew. I thought you were going to talk about the insanity of current American politics. I’d say “Anyone but Donald Trump,” but then I think of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz…

  8. lulu says:

    If you think Britain has its issues, try the US at the moment. Craziness abounds! Your wordiness always delights me though I sometimes have to read twice to take it in. BTW, I’ve recently been introduced to Bruno, a French policeman in books by Martin Walker. You might enjoy.

  9. Eha says:

    Reading the last sentences of your writing I wonder why Noel Coward has entered my mindset . . . enjoyed your description of the supposedly quintessential Englishman born or self-bred yesterday or today . . . oh, and ‘learnt’ . . . did not realize I must somehow along the line have developed some English language feeling-world after all . . .

  10. ardysez says:

    We are about to visit the family in the US. Please think of me and hope that I return with my brain intact and non-suicidal. We visited there the year Obama was running and people I thought I knew were temporarily insane. Politics the world over is enormously disappointing.

  11. Michelle says:

    Just be happy that satellite doesn’t pick up American radio these days. Gone mad. Much better to just eat a beautiful Bakewell tart in peace.

  12. Wonderful para. 13 sentences; two of them about a 100 words long! Should constructions like his/her count as one word or three? I wish one could slice off a piece of the tart from the photo. It looks beautiful, and I think I’ll just have to eat one today.

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