TV or not TV…


I have never eaten a TV dinner and for that I feel I am the richer; on the other hand, nor have I had a TV supper with Grayson Perry for which I may well be the poorer. My knowledge of TV dinners is limited but I have in my mind’s eye the image of a tin foil tray on the surface of which there are a series of indentations, each conceived to hold one of the ingredients of that particular meal and each molded into the manufacturer’s idea of the shape of that ingredient. The same experience may be  enjoyed on an aeroplane but the catering options in a long metal tube packed with anxious people travelling at hundreds of miles per hour several miles above the earth’s surface are considerably more constrained than making supper in one’s kitchen of an evening…which is what I was doing yesterday. Breadcrumbs have become a favourite ingredient of mine not only because they transform simple dishes but also because there is always good bread to use up.  Last night their job was to get under the skin of a gargantuan tomato and, with its cohorts of parmesan,oil, parsley and seasoning, transform it into a glorious supper, for one, to be eaten whilst watching a show that, at this time of year, I religiously follow….”Long summer evening in the garden with the sun going down”..if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it highly. There’s a small blackened roasting tin that has been with us for as long as I can remember which seemed perfectly suited  to not only cook my supper but also to act as serving dish and plate combined which is reminiscent of the fucking horrible thing of which I was speaking earlier..but, owing to the simplicity of the one single indentation which wisely had not been modeled on any one particular ingredient and, more importantly, contained the most amazing roast tomato stuffed with mozzarella and breadcrumbs and all it’s olive oil juices and stickiness …it was not that thing and it looked good on my table in the garden as I watched the show and ate and drunk until it was night.


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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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24 Responses to TV or not TV…

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Your TV set is doing a better job than the BBC and the French TV dinner looks very good 😉

  2. Sally says:

    If only someone from British Airways would read this post before I fly back to Dubai in September….

  3. Perfect….and I love your TV veiwing choice!

  4. Angeline M says:

    I think you could land a sweet offer from Air France (is there still Air France?) to create wonderful onboard meals.

  5. Absolutely fabulous Roger – my mouth waters. Unfortunately it has been so hot here that I have sworn off using the oven – kinda cramps my style to be without it! 🙂

  6. Bliss. This is my kind of “TV” dinner. That other non food, no amount of wine would compensate for the horridness of it all. And your show sounds best of all.

  7. Devine…I love the crusty bread. I bet it is so scrumptious!

  8. Often quality lies in simplicity…. proven there….. I wonder what you had as a dessert?

  9. Eha says:

    Oh, I watch that show almost daily also! My variation is full of colourful birds and butterflies to boot . . .

    [off topic: oops! Perhaps the distaff side should keep mum about things they have not learnt firsthand 🙂 ! Real Madrid v AS Roma . . . so boring for an audience of which many had travelled a day to attend that the best fun was had by thousands of paper aeroplanes being thrown into the air and loud ‘booing’ at the end of 0:0 ! Well, you know us colonials!!]

    • On the rugby side of the paper throwing syndrome….Toulon, one of the most celebrated clubs in France ( where all Australian and Kiwi stars go to play out the end of their career in the Riviera sun) have a male, highly tatooed, cheerleader who summons down demons from the hills above Toulon before the game and when the team is at the point of clearly winning ( which is most of the time) the crowd throw paper in the air. If you’re going to watch rugby, Toulon are the side to watch for fun and skill:)

  10. Before I read the post, I was going to tell you Nico made this for Bastille Day. But his was a red pepper, stuffed with duck sausage. Not the same thing AT ALL.

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