colour prejudice?


A little white teacup covered in cling film is a permanent resident in our fridge. On closer inspection it will be found to contain three bright yellow egg yolks nestling together.The cup of egg yolks is a clear indicator of the household’s sugar intake as they are the leftovers from meringue making. Wasting not, yet still wanting is the problem. Nigella has a very good recipe for an egg yolk sponge cake, which I have often made and which, by its very nature, only serves to increase our sugar intake. Most recipes for left over egg yolks involve sugar in their metamorphosis into something good to eat and I don’t want to eat that much sugar….and I find it nearly impossible to throw away food. I have always found the concept of the egg white omelette to be anathema as it reminds me of narcissistic Hollywood actresses, which term I use as a generic rather than a definitive as such stupidity is not limited by geography, who weigh food before it is put on their plate yet I have never really considered making an omelette with the yolks alone. Maybe I thought it would all be just a bit too yellow: but what more could one ask of an egg, colourwise, than to be as yellow as possible. As I could think of no other good reason for this reticence , and not wanting to be adjudged colour prejudiced, the three yolks summarily  joined some caramelised onions and crisp cubes of fried potato that had been waiting patiently for a unifying agent in my pan. This is a filling and satisfying lunch that got me through yet another afternoon of mixing cement. I’m starting to understand why there is a national shortage of housing….it must be so fucking boring building them.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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58 Responses to colour prejudice?

  1. bizzyella says:

    Seriously, you mix cement? Do you wirebrush beams or put up plasterboard? Put in concrete block? Be still, my heart! Honestly, the amount of work that remains at my house is unbelievable. We should tell more kids to forget about college. Just go into the trades.

  2. Congratulations, your photos are spectacular, your blog is an inspiration to the rest! Happy weekend!

  3. Francesca says:

    Nice use of leftovers and a perfect lunch.

  4. ardysez says:

    I had some years of eating low fat and trying to be acceptably thin, though never achieving it. But I got over all of it. I hope never to eat another egg without both components. And I agree with you, building must be a slog, so I often cook for my workmen, having made egg and bacon croissants to great appreciation. I hope you don’t think it an abomination of a perfectly good croissant, because we don’t have such a thing here in Alice, we have things that approximate croissant but need help. 🙂 Having a beautiful glass of red just now, so cheers!

  5. Mad Dog says:

    In Scandinavia houses come in kits, as if from Ikea – they literally bolt them together! I can’t say I like the look of them much though. Stick with the cement, you’ll appreciate the results in the end.
    That’s a delicious looking omelette, but if you get bored with it make some hollandiase instead – perhaps they’ll let you have some asparagus to go with it… 🙂

  6. Misky says:

    Although your omelet is cheery as canary fluff, I’m drawn to that splendid piece of bread. Good morning, Roger. >

  7. Sue says:

    Don’t you think ‘actually’ is so very English, actually!! 😀

  8. margaret21 says:

    I know you’re trying to avoid sugar…. but think of all the vitamin C in the lemon juice. My left-over yolks inevitably become lemon curd 😉

  9. Delicious. Love the vibrant yellow. I was one of those egg white only omelette eaters years ago…dear God what was I thinking? How ridiculous. And mixing cement IS awful.

  10. Gerlinde says:

    I go for hollandise sauce on white asparagus with a piece of nice ham. Food is not about dieting. It is about taste. I just have to practice eating less.

  11. Bahaha. Screw cement and screw egg white omelettes – they are the work of the devil 😁

  12. I usually go with custard or curd (so, yes, sugar!) but an extra yellow omelette or frittata also does the trick!

  13. EllaDee says:

    I’m definitely color prejudiced when it comes to eggs. Sunny yellow not industrial orange. Your egg yolk omelette complies ☺

  14. Eha says:

    Since when was ‘actually’ reserved for the Poms? Well ‘toodle pip’ and ‘spiffing’ do kind’of take us back to Noel Coward actually 🙂 !! But then I absolutely and wholeheartedly do love the ‘dear boy’!!

  15. vyvacious says:

    YUMMY! I think egg yolks are delicious!!! I personally don’t enjoy egg white omelets because I find them too one dimensional and flat. It bothers me, haha. Your breakfast looks fantastic though!

  16. How could you not be happy eating something so vibrantly coloured?! Lots of good suggestions here and you could always just poach the yolk and have it on toast – that way you get just the best bit!

  17. catterel says:

    If you’re mixing cement you’re burning off enough calories to justify any amount of sugar – but that omelette does have a very come-hither look.

  18. Sally says:

    Having made two enormous pavlovas this Friday, my egg yolk collection is also waving at me from the fridge. Custard will be made but I was also wondering about all yolk omelettes, scrambled eggs and French toast. The addition of onions is inspired.

  19. Michelle says:

    Yes, I’d as soon eat cement as an egg white omelet. But an egg yolk one? Parfait!

  20. Lol. Life is too short for egg-white omelets….

  21. Crikey, never thought to do a egg yolk omelette. Duh. Well the dogs are going to lose out now as I’ll be eating them from now on. 🙂

  22. Karen says:

    Your omelet sounds delicious and yes, very yellow. What I love even better is your photo…the placement of the items hanging just off the plate as well as the plate just off the table. Just terrific, Roger.

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