As I set out one foggy winter morning….


In the early morning fog, on my way to the local village, my headlights picked up the form of something lying prone and still across the opposing lane. I didn’t stop to see what it was. The rest of my short journey was taken up with self recrimination but not in turning back. My errand completed, some 10 minutes later, I returned home down the same road. I had considered going home by another route to avoid being confronted by the something which I feared might be emotionally draining and physically demanding. There was still the hope that someone may have already stopped and dealt with the problem, which welcome scenario seemed more and more likely as I got closer to home. It turned out to be a large stone that must have fallen from a trailer earlier that morning.

Confession may be good for the soul, but not for the poor soul who may have been that lump lying in the road. In the same blinkered way I shall carry on writing about the pleasure that I derive from preparing and eating food even though I’ve seen the statistics that tell me that 87,000,000 people, worldwide, are currently suffering from extreme hunger and poverty. I’m relying on someone to get there before me.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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40 Responses to As I set out one foggy winter morning….

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Very honest writing.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Thought provoking – especially ater this season of over indulgence. Happy New Year to you Roger.

  3. Amanda says:

    Beautiful photos. I hear you re: moral responsibility. Maybe you’re doing your part by sharing your joy with others and inspiring them to do things that mean something to them.

  4. Misky says:

    As confessions go, this one made me cackle. I’m not sure what that says about me, beyond the fact that I’m able to cackle. Happy new year.


  5. And sometimes the spoons are empty for days on end. Beautiful photograph Roger. The fact that you first know and then care maybe doesn’t fill the spoons but you are reminding us. Thank you.

  6. margaret21 says:

    Interesting post. Thanks. Like you, I’d have been horribly relieved to find a stone. Great photo too. Happy New Year!

  7. platedujour says:

    I know what you mean, I feel bad about people living on the street, hungry and humiliated. Here in Luxembourg this problem is not as much visible on a daily basis, and maybe that’s why when I see someone it hits even more…I give them food, sometimes some money, tea or coffee, I always think I have more so 10 euros less in my wallet will not make a difference. It’s unfair don’t you think? Interesting photo- it says everything about what you just wrote. Happy New Year Roger x

  8. Eha says:

    I take my hat off to you . . . but then I always have . . .

  9. And that is a first world problem, as my daughter would say.

  10. Damn… could’ve been me… if you lived down the road, that is…

  11. catterel says:

    I am humbled by the fact that you confessed – I know that feeling of guilt, too, and the relief doesn’t change the fact that it could have been a person/animal whose life you might have saved. In my case, it was a log. Beautiful photography.

  12. I like to think that we’re all doing our small part in various ways.. even just recognizing that you’re lucky or even feeling guilty sometimes shows that we are appreciative of our lives. Probably, not as much we should but, you know…:)

  13. lulu says:

    What tricks our mind can play on us. The good news is you were willing to stop on your return. Happy 2015, Roger.

  14. ardysez says:

    I agree with Amanda. We all have our own way of contributing to the world. I have stepped forward many times over the years to ‘give back to the community’ but I have finally conceded it is not my strong suit. I hope you are not guilt-ing yourself for not stopping. Most of us have been in situations where we could possibly have done something and didn’t. It doesn’t make us bad people. It just makes us human. xx

  15. I often think of both sides of the coin when I blog – those who are suffering from too little as well as those who are suffering from an excess of food, or the wrong kind of food. I wonder sometimes if I’m swilling out death…

  16. thesnowwoman says:

    This was my first time visiting your blog and it was the perfect post. Very honest. I am sure people have had those thoughts of wanting someone else to take care of it first. I have been doing research on food waste lately, as it was my new years resolution to stop wasting food. It is alarming the amount of food wasted and the amount of people going hungry. Just think that a dumpster may be full of wasted food and a child a block away may be going to bed hungry.
    Keep creating delicious meals, just finish all of them or share with people!

    • Very sound thinking….cooking from fresh ingredients that have been bought in the right amounts to suit a recipe is a good economy. A couple of the problems in our society seem to be that those who can afford the food don’t, or can’t, afford the time to do it, and that recent generations have been brought up without the benefit of home cooking.Then there’s poverty………………..famine…and the rest.

  17. Hi Roger, my first visit of the New year! Like you I think I should do more, but I am not sure what I could be doing, if those with great political power or the “will of God” on their side can’t make it better then what might I do?! A point to ponder, and I am hoping someone has an answer before me! all the best to you in 2015.

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