Those damn waves flopping in all day…..


There is a moment in “One Eyed Jacks”, a film directed by Marlon Brando, in which the title lines of this post are used to suggest the boredom imposed by peaceful seclusion on a perfect Californian beach. As the words are mouthed by a black hat, we, the cinema audience, had no trouble in seeing the irony as Marlon seemed jolly happy, albeit recovering from a severe horse whipping and whilst nursing a smashed gun hand. That’s Marlon for you.

When, with age, the names of the days of the week lose the significance that was once accorded them, by the demands of family life and work schedules, the ineluctable passage of time is less noticeable and certainly less important. Spending the time to watch a tiny speck being overtaken by the slow, soft waves breaking onto the shore was unnoticeable time spent unimportantly……that moment will never happen again but a better one is happening now.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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28 Responses to Those damn waves flopping in all day…..

  1. Sally says:

    Listening to Desert Island Disc this morning and one of the choices was a movement from Debussy’s La Mer. It was written in Eastbourne and described perfectly the little chasing waves and eddies of the English Sea. I wonder what he would have composed for these waves.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    I keep thinking it’s Friday 😉

  3. margaret21 says:

    You’ll have me moving to the seaside next!

  4. It is peaceful, watching the water. I love how the two shots show the water’s motion.

  5. So eloquently put, Roger and those photos are beautiful too!

  6. Sigh – moments of perfection….

  7. Angeline M says:

    I enjoy watching waves flop in and out…especially when I don’t even know what day it is.

  8. Eha says:

    Honesty may not be diplomatic, especially when such beautiful photos are concerned . . . this montage would make me sad though, grey and brown and sad . . . Oh, Marlon Brando – there is a new brilliant bio out on our pay-TV: personally Brando did not push the right buttons for me in earlier days, but tho’ busy I just had to watch every frame of that offering . . .

  9. ChgoJohn says:

    I can — and have — spend hours sitting on a beach, looking out over the water. Large waves or small, it really doesn’t matter. I can get lost in them without getting the least bit wet.

  10. Very calming and soothing images, Roger.

  11. On those kinds of days, it’s a hard life of contemplation 🙂

  12. cecilia says:

    I have the sea right here with me for a few more days, not calm though.. savage today really.. c

    • We’ve had a very peaceful September and October. A couple of years ago, in this same bay, a massive freak tide swept in and drowned 50 people in their homes as they slept. The sea is one frightening monster when it get’s pissed:)

  13. EllaDee says:

    Better than TV…

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