saying the C word loudly…..CLUCK, OH CLUCKING CLUCK

I can well understand the clucking of hens a laying and I am in awe of the stoicism that prevents them from declaring more stridently.Just considering the concept of a life spent passing objects the size of one’s head ( one being a hen at this point) is enough to make one, certainly this one, scream “Cluck” at the top of my clucking voice.  Should I have bent gender and ended up in chickens’ shoes, the scarcity of eggs would only be equal to the market saturation of hens’ teeth. However, putting this heartfelt sympathy smoothly aside, there is nothing I enjoy more than a hard boiled egg from time to time. That is not quite the truth…..there is nothing I enjoy more than the idea of a hard boiled egg from time to time.


This “idea” that gives me so much pleasure springs from early morning visits to bars whilst shopping in the markets of France. Standard fare is a small, chilled glass of Muscadet and a hard boiled egg. Conversation continues unabated as eggs are tapped on the zinc and the mazy, fractured shell is carefully picked away to reveal the ivory tear. Teeth slide through the containing soft coat of white to reveal the golden yolk within. Egg yolks in this “idea” are deep, wet yet set yellow in the middle and crowned with a halo of chrome yellow flakes. It’s the precision of the detail in the “idea” that prevents me from making or eating hard boiled eggs lest they should be less than the “idea”. Eating them blindfolded is a thought, but I’m still left with another problem. There are very few virgin foodstuffs that I find unpalatable but egg white in a boiled egg, hard or soft, is one of them yet I still dream the dream.


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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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26 Responses to saying the C word loudly…..CLUCK, OH CLUCKING CLUCK

  1. The egg white in a hardboiled egg (or a soft-boiled egg, for that matter) is really quite unexciting, I agree… I love (runny) egg yolks though! They make a lot of things worth having.

  2. Hahaha. A cracking read once again.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    You should talk to a friend of mine – he’s terrified of boiled eggs! Quack quack 😉

  4. My French Heaven says:

    The size of one’s head!? This is hilarious! I never thought of it that way 🙂 Here’s to their never ending sacrifice 🙂

  5. Fig & Quince says:

    I sometimes “meow” but may start to cluck cluck instead 😉
    wonderful post!

  6. Eha says:

    Muscadet and a hard boiled egg – must admit that is a ‘new one’ for me 🙂 !! Just as well we are all delightfully different as I could happily live on hardboiled egg whites and quite forget the yolk!!!!!

  7. Muscadet and a hard boiled egg? Sounds like a great treat!

  8. EllaDee says:

    Should there ever be a scarcity of eggs due to a proliferation of hens developing a similar aversion to passing objects the size of one’s head, I’ll be pleased to be able to thnk of you, and say “all the more for me” 🙂

  9. Well cluck a duck – I love the idea of muscadet and a hard boiled egg…but that white really does need a sprinkle of good sea salt to bring it to life!

  10. Flora says:

    That was ‘egg’cellent 🙂

  11. I eat hard boiled eggs all the time, because they are a great quick snack to fill me up if I’m hungry between meals. I never thought to pair one with muscadet, though. Now, my afternoon snack may take on a whole new life. 🙂

    • What’s amazing, Andra, is that this is an early morning snack. In Paris rush hour you’ll see people going into cafes on their way to work and having that sort of snack. I think PC has hit Paris as hard as anywhere else but they still like their alcohol hit…tiny glasses, though:)

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