chateau_crop_05nov_cropA beautiful November morning which magically transformed itself into dark, rain filled afternoon reminded me of Kingsley Amis’ dazzling description of a hangover, which I reread today in a blog that has become a favourite of mine, namely The Bully Pulpit

It awakened in me a memory of a best forgotten episode in my not so distant past. It may not be grammatically possible to feel schadenfreude about events that have befallen oneself but I am.

The chutzpah of the Gods has always impressed me far more than the antics of the superheroes of Marvel comics who seemed to make a point of  avoiding sex and drink, or any carnal pleasures, whilst devoting themselves endlessly to the task of dressing up quickly and saving mankind. The last bit is very ungodlike behaviour if the evidence is to be believed.  Zeus was not that interested in mankind and gave all his considerable attention to womankind, or indeed to any kind of woman. He got away with some astounding high jinks in a multitude of beautifully wrought and highly imaginative disguises such as a swan, a shower of gold or more outrageously as the husband of the object of his particular desire that evening. A very short straw indeed would have to be drawn by the counsel elected to his defence.

On the evening of my downfall, or down falling,  Zeus felt it was time to punish mankind for not being womankind so came to ravage me in the guise of several bottles of very mediocre red wine. So unassuming was his manifestation that I failed to recognise him. Leda had a far worse time of it, let’s be honest: all those beaks and feathers, so I can’t complain. Back to the bottles.

The God of Fate, Weather, Law and Order was making sure that I drank deep of him, and it was not long before I was in that pre hang over state which reveals itself by removing the ability to stand up for any length of time. Well aware of impending misery, my mind was begging my body to “Stay down, just stay down” but I, bewitched as I was,  mistook the voice of reason for the referee’s counting and struggled gamely to my feet, time and time again. It didn’t end well…it couldn’t. Once out of the ring, known as a bar in common parlance, I headed off into that dark night. I did not go quietly and it did not go well. There was pain and absolutely no gain. Have I learnt anything? I shall open a bottle of red, sit by the fireside and think about that. I’ll let you know.


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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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48 Responses to Bewitched…..

  1. Mad Dog says:

    Zeus can be cruel!
    I think Samantha and Photoshop had a hand in the bewitching sky 😉

  2. “Bewitched, bothered and bewildered” I adore that last picture!

  3. margaret21 says:

    Some people never learn…..
    Fantastic second picture. We’re having a foul weather day too.

  4. suej says:

    Love that second image, the appearance of the building, that tree, and of course that sky! Very atmospheric, my kind of image….. 🙂

  5. Being a de facto boy scout, I can only remember being too intoxicated for my own good a handful of times. Their hangovers were quite memorable, but not as expressive as Jim Dixon’s. Nothing could make me feel more of an idiot like morning recovery.

  6. THat second photo is astounding- any secrets you can reveal (about the photo, uh hum). Zeus is a crafty ratbag. Little My was telling me about his wife’s revenge the other day… apparently it didn’t work. All she had left to do was head for the bottle of red…

  7. Have to watch out for the Zeus’ of the world. Especially if they provide less than stellar wine. That’s just cruel!

  8. Ooh, what a withered and intense last photo!

  9. jrbenjamin says:

    Fantastic post. And thanks for the compliment.

  10. Victoria says:

    That second photo is amazing. So atmospheric. Feels like the ‘end of the earth’ just looking at it. Perhaps reminiscent of a horror movie set – lol.

  11. The last photo is eery – dark -amazing contrast – haunting. I love it.

  12. Eha says:

    Darn ‘cookinsens’ ~ THAT was to be my line 😉 ! Sounds as if all three words just happened to be somewhat accurate tho’ . . . [and I’ll have the first photo, please: not in a moody mood!]

  13. cecilia says:

    Oh dear.. mediocre red.. what WERE you thinking!? I assume it was a watery london night you stumbled out into… my favourite kind! (she says reaching for her glass… What the Hell? it is empty. Who has been drinking my drink?!) You.. c

  14. Zeus, the god of wine, cheers to him with a glass of red. It is amazing what influence he still has, even on a little photoshop. Amazing pic , Roger, on the 2nd one my favorite, very moody and appealing to me.

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  16. Misky says:

    Roger, the Deserted House (in the) Forest inspired a poem out of my muse, and I’ve linked back from it at to your fab photo.

  17. I would blame the poor wine, and not the quantity 🙂

  18. G’day and great post I enjoyed reading today, true!
    Your second photo is hauntingly delightful…one that speaks via the gods of photography too! Great photo!
    Cheers! Joanne

  19. Sounds like Bacchus had a hand in your falling down experience too…who is the god of photoshop then?! Stunning makeover in that last photo.

  20. What a gorgeous place.
    I’d rather go without than drink mediocre wine. 🙂

  21. nusrat2010 says:

    Second picture! Got me shiver! Goosebumps all over!
    So hauntingly beautiful !

  22. Hilarious. We all do it, and never learn our lesson! Wine is too seductive, another attribute of the Gods…

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