It could so easily have become a crock…..


“Nuts” I said to myself “my chances of photographing that rainbow are fat and none”. As I ran upstairs to grab the camera I caught sight of the carrier bag full of walnuts which two of our grandchildren had collected for us from their garden. Very like cats and children, rainbows don’t stay in the same position for long…or maybe they do. That sounded authoritative and I’m not an authority on rainbows; I just had the feeling that the rainbow would disappear before I had a chance to take a picture and because I was not concentrating on the rainbow that firstly, I had already seen, and secondly because I was now thinking of adding walnuts to the pears that were already turning golden in bubbling hot sugar and butter on the stove and which were likely to burn if I hung around too long taking pictures at the back door. All hopes of finding the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, which appeared to be just behind the garden wall, have long disappeared Β from my dreams so the clear and present apprehension that the very heart of my intended pear tatin might be currently turning into a crock of shit, burnt shit at that, created a force that dragged me from Mother Nature’s prism to the spitting pan on the hob as time waits for no man, particularly if no man is dealing with sugar and fire. Nuts were quickly cracked and stuffed down into the hot, buttery sugar between the pears. It all ended well: the rain passed and the tatin was eaten in front of a blazing fire which set of events may well be the fabled crock at the rainbow’s end.


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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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48 Responses to It could so easily have become a crock…..

  1. Fig & Quince says:

    Wow! I came into the post already knocked out by the beautiful rainbow photo then had to gasp at the lush pear concoction! Mon dieu!

  2. Well done, Roger. Way to hustle! I do similar things, but with more mundane chores like getting gas for the mower or painting a door jamb.

  3. What a lovely story…. I am happy that you didn’t have to eat a crock of burnt shit… πŸ™‚

  4. Double whammy there, two gorgeous pics!

  5. margaret21 says:

    That tatin looks as good as any crock of gold, I think

  6. Misky says:

    Love that rainbow, and that’s a mighty fine looking pear tat in, too.

  7. Well done, you. On both counts.
    I’ve had the worst luck catching rainbows with the camera, but finally succeeded in New Mexico.

  8. A rainbow and a golden pear tart…….has a lot in common…….could be a poem…..

  9. Victoria says:

    Love that pear tatin – looks delicious (and beautifully photographed too).

    (and how is it that when you get distracted, your food still turns out perfect, and when I get distracted my food turns out over-cooked or burnt? – lol)

  10. Eha says:

    Actually prefer that moody and threatening sky to any rainbow . . . the pear tatin travels well across half the world also . . .:) !

  11. Michelle says:

    Well, I’m not an authority on rainbows either, but I think you nailed it. I am, however, an authority on tatins. And that one looks perfect!

  12. Looks like a double rainbow to me, between that glorious yet forbidding top shot and the tasty finish.

  13. ChgoJohn says:

    2 beautiful photos, Roger. I don’t know how you managed it but you did and in fine form.

  14. Love that dark and stormy sky – stunning shot. And the story of the dilemma of what to focus on first resonates with me – decisions, decisions. Looks like it all turned out well in the end – especially the tatin.

  15. saucygander says:

    I’d trade a mythical pot of gold (it’s probably leprechaun’s / fools gold knowing my luck) for a pear tarte tatin anyday!

  16. Mad Dog says:

    That tart certainly look like a crock of gold πŸ˜‰

  17. catterel says:

    Perfection – twice!

  18. Wow, that rainbow is amazing – and the tart looks scrummy πŸ™‚

  19. That is one fantastic rainbow photograph!!!

  20. WOWWWW that looks SO YUMMY mmm:) your blog is my addiction now haha

    Check out my ALL time chocolate cake recipy in the link above:)

    Have a wonderful day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – The Swedish home decor blog

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