The wine has got its hat on…


Two days of painting the inside of our house white, which was already white, has left me snow blind in the sun. To aid our concentration, in painting white on white, the phone and internet went on strike. Tiredness and electronic isolation have accounted for my silence. Even now, as I tap out this message on the metal pipes of life’s prison, I’m preparing for another day at the salt face. Soon I shall be writing posts with white text on white paper.

About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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38 Responses to The wine has got its hat on…

  1. Sally says:

    Profound. And beautiful. Is that why you’ve elected to drink red wine?

  2. Eha says:

    But did you not cherish the peace and the quiet: each moment of consciousness was absolutely yours . . . .

  3. Mad Dog says:

    That reminds me of painting the back of a very large white cove. I got snow blindness, missed where the back wall really was and fell over 😉
    Good job you’ve got some wine to keep you fortified!

  4. I was tempted to write “Be sure to white soon”, but that is a terrible pun, so I won’t write that.

  5. So pretty. My glass needs a hat 🙂

  6. Your glass of red looks like a Spanish lady in a mantilla. I love it. May I ask, which reds do you like to drink when it’s hot? I have my favorites but I’m always curious about other people’s.

  7. It’s perfectly fine, Roger. There’s no need to explain your absence. I’m of the opinion it’s more respectful to let people post in their own time. We’re all adults, and have lives of our own.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a cloth used to cover wine. Is it just for aesthetic value?

    • The covers were used for afternoon tea on the lawn in summer. The covers would be put over milk jugs or jugs of cordial to keep the flies out of them. Very genteel. I’ve adapted it to keep the flies out of wine and to look good 🙂

  8. I thought the glass covering was to keep the curious bugs away from your glass…

  9. Roger, take that cover off and slug that wine. It’s the only thing that makes painting palatable. 🙂

  10. Hope you’re back in business soon.
    Are those nasturtiums in the background? They’re so wonderful in salad. . . .

  11. Good thing you have excellent wine to keep you going. Otherwise it could really get desperate!

  12. Gorgeous photo – an elegant way to protect the vino. Your words made me think of liquid paper – remember using that white stuff when it was common to write pen on paper?

  13. Lovely hat, Roger.
    Maybe a pair of sunshades?

  14. ChgoJohn says:

    Painting? I do not envy you, no matter the color being applied. I certainly hope the rest of that bottle of wine is near by.

  15. Silly wine, take that hat off!

  16. Lovely glass cover!

  17. All that white’s good for you.. helps you spot the glass of red:) xx

  18. Tandy says:

    White on white painting is not fun!

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