Read crumbs…

Today I have been profligate with time. I spent some making a vegetable curry and, while the pot filled the kitchen with its perfume, I spent some more looking at pieces of writing which I veg_curry_24jun_26have shared with you, and then spent even more of that precious time adding to the sum of the point of this post.

Reminiscences of food and drink have a disproportionately large representation in my memory. The taste of the first sip from a glass of fine wine, the scent of a fresh peach or the intensity of Β a piece of dark chocolate do not lose their potency with the passage of time and may even, on occasion, be improved by a passing memory. Rereading one’s own words does not afford the same pleasure.

One particular piece drew my attention in which, in splenetic mood, I foresaw the disaster that would be Β the London Olympics Games. With all the omens of doom that surrounded the conception of that event I felt that in my condemnation I was on to a reasonable winner, which illustrates that being an oracle is no sinecure: to be a sage you need to know your onions.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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25 Responses to Read crumbs…

  1. I spend a disproportionate amount of my time eating and drinking. Like tonight. I am going to the Maitres Cuisiniers de France awards dinner. My friend Nico is the youngest Master French Chef in the world, and he is hosting the party. I will probably have to be rolled to the car. I predict that it will be spectacular, though my French will not be…….

  2. Lovely curry in the blue pot.

  3. I suppose a writer does need to identify his lesser work without a sense of injury. It sounds like a very educational experience.

  4. Angel Pricer says:

    Sounds like you made wise use of your time to me. I wonder, would the curry have carried a different aroma had you read your old works first?

  5. Mad Dog says:

    Ha ha – well at least you were not the only sage who got that one wrong πŸ˜‰

  6. cecilia says:

    I love onions with sage.. c

  7. As I write this, my husband is making Tikka Masala – the smell of curry is making me hungry. So is your photograph of that pot of goodness.

  8. Eha says:

    Way back I remember a beloved older cousin of mine chastising me: ‘Eha, why do you always have to do, why don’t you somethimes just be’ . . . . perhaps ’tis sometimes good for the soul to be profligate with one’s time . . . ?

  9. Tandy says:

    The last line invoked a good chuckle Roger πŸ™‚

  10. Ah, but it’s how you felt at the time…

    • You’re right. I was in a coach, going to Stanstead, rerouted through docklands because every road in London had been dug up. The site for the Olympics looked like something out of Mad Max, and it was hard to hold out any hope of success…..oh me, of little faith:)

  11. I remember feeling exactly the same way, Roger. But it was fun, wasn’t it?

  12. ChgoJohn says:

    I remember the post, Roger. I also remember that Mitt Romney said something similar while visiting London. I would advise printing a retraction should you wish to run for political office.

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