Waking with a bee in your ear……

Solitary bees are a new discovery for me. Up to a recent point I thought that all bees lived in tower block hives, milling around chaotically but purposefully, so like us humans, buzzing off to work in a rush hour to gather our pollen. The rugged, exposed stones, that make up the north facing wall of our house, are home to the birds and the bees. Tiny birds nest in the larger holes between the stones whilst solitary bees buzz along the surface checking for little fissures that will serve as a summer home. My features were flattened against the soft window pane that separates wakefulness from dormancy when my mind parsed the sound of the bee from the hum of sleep. I listened to the bee as it searched and slowly moved on, getting slowly further and quieter away. So deep and total was the surrounding silence that the sound of the bee was all that could be heard. Passing through the waking window pane brings empirical knowledge, and with its help, I felt glad that the buzzing mobylette had passed out of earshot returning me to silence and the day. asparagus_pots.1072

Now that the faux abeille  is out of earshot and out of mind, I shall concentrate on asparagus and Noirmoutier new potatoes.  However correct it may be considered, I am not going to eat the asparagus simply boiled with hot butter. They are going to be blanched before they  find their way into a crisp, golden puff pastry case. Parmesan and a mustardy mixture of cream and eggs will be their companions in the oven. Served with boiled, buttery new potatoes and a glass of white burgundy will be perfect on such a beautiful sunny day.

About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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30 Responses to Waking with a bee in your ear……

  1. Mad Dog says:

    I suppose that’s better than having a flea in your ear!
    The recipe looks delicious, not to mention rather attractive 🙂

  2. That photo shouts “summer is on its way” and I can imagine it with the soundtrack of the bee in the background 🙂

  3. I detect a bit of spring fever in your tone: happy gardening, beeing and planting!

  4. Reading your blog always makes me hungry, and I think today will be a listening day, to hear those singular sounds that we so often miss….

  5. Rachel says:

    Putain des mobylettes… I always thought of them as moustiques 😉 Do you know, your photos make me hungry even after I’ve eaten!

  6. That sounds delicious Roger. Just good.

  7. Eha says:

    Bee in your ear: don’t complain!! Remember waking up one summer morning [in the Norwegian fjordland as a matter of fact] with a bee as sleepy as me high up in the area where the sun does not shine: well it too awoke, and did what bees do – had to walk bowlegged all that day!! Oh that lovely asparagus and tiny potatoes – pinched ’em off you: already in the steamer: OK, my way!!!!

  8. Tickling my taste buts………hope the bees didn’t tickle you. Haha

  9. To bee or not to bee … the photo buzzes with delicious possibilities …

  10. What a fantastic photo.. lovely bee ramblings. I would love that dish and glass of wine. It’s so wonderful to see the sun shining in your photos! xx

  11. Looks a mite nicer there than here, Roger. So there are bees who don’t have hives? Vagrant lone wolves who hum their way through the universe without the need for company?
    How refreshing.

  12. What a gorgeous shot. If you ever do another cookbook, that should be a top contender for the cover.

  13. Roger, with your photo, I really get a feeling for Spring (almost Summer) which you’re having in France. Here in Australia, it’s just the opposite- cool winds on the seafront. Once, we had a huge hive of bees settle in our peach tree and had to have a specialist come and remove them. It was ‘tres effrayant!’

    • Bees em masse can be frightening. I did a shoot with an apiculteur which included opening the hives and taking out the trays of honey. I was covered in bees from head to toe. I was wearing all the proper protective clothing but it was an extraordinary experience.

  14. Karen says:

    A perfect dish for a warm spring evening…hoping the cold weather is finally behind us.

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