Ca me donne la peche….just peachy.

grilled_peach3_panPeaches are forever associated with superlatives, be it with regard to a ravishingly  beautiful person, an exotic vehicle or a perfect uppercut. The expression of  this perfection is often quantified in terms of “peachiness”. Having skin like a peach is a compliment that oozes “peachiness” in its allusion to perfection, as does the suggestion that a pair, of whatever they may be go, together like” peaches and cream”. When I hear my neighbour say, “dis donc, Roger, t’as la pêche aujourd’hui!”, it’s clear that my beaming smile has overwhelmed them or, as is the usual case, it’s clear that they’re being ironic. I love peaches and they haven’t arrived yet; well, not in France. The peaches that have arrived, in the shops here,  are from Spain and don’t have the unmistakeable scent and colour of the perfect peach as they’ve been dragged into ripeness by man rather than by mother nature. Still, there was no resisting them for this pillar of weakness. Even an “unpeachy” peach can be made ambrosial by the addition of sugar, lemon juice, honey and heat. These peaches were split and pitted: the hollows were filled with lemon juice and demerara sugar and the whole thing napped with good honey before being put under a very hot grill until they looked “peachy” enough to eat.


About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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31 Responses to Ca me donne la peche….just peachy.

  1. marycadogan says:

    we had our first wild brugnon from the village market this week and they were just peachy.

  2. At our Farmers’ Market on Saturday, our fruit vendor said he expects to have peaches in about three weeks. I can’t WAIT.

  3. lulu says:

    I love summer peaches whether plain or in a cobbler or ice cream. Last summer, I discovered peach upside down cake that I made again and again. In fact, I think I posted the recipe if that strikes your fancy.

  4. The nectarines in the garden (all none of them) are tiny for the moment. I am hanging on in there stoically and refusing to buy until local fruit is ripe…. I did enjoy seeing your beautiful peaches (the fruit, ur hum) and reading your beautiful text in the meantime, though 🙂

  5. Ah, now you have had mercy on me. This I can cook even during the long dark diet of the soul. Thank you: I shall buy a huge punnet of peaches tomorrow, if Sainsbury’s stick them, and grill to my heart’s content.

  6. wisejourney says:

    just ….yum …in every way

  7. Karen says:

    When there is a will, there is a way. They may not be the peaches of your dreams but I’m sure they were still delicious. How we all eagerly await the perfect fruit.

  8. Mad Dog says:

    Lovely pictures/peaches – they’ll be needing a lot of sun in England this year…

  9. Michelle says:

    They’ll be here soon. And, then, gone too quickly. But what a nice idea for making do in the meantime. Don’t you just love the “having the peach” idiom? Whether used ironically, or not. 🙂

  10. Tandy says:

    And great dessert idea!

  11. We have a wait here too – we have our cherry festival in about a month here and I think we need a quick catch up on sunshine for those as well or else it will be the green cherry festival! Beautiful peaches 🙂

  12. fransiweinstein says:

    I love peaches as well. Saw some this past Saturday, but obviously not local yet. I bought one, to try. I finally ate it yesterday. Although it didn’t have a strong scent, it was delicious. And it made me believe that finally, summer is on its way.

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