Kiss and Make up……

Being nearly June, I’m surprised to still be lighting the fire at the end of each day. As the nights are still cold I find that we are continuing the winter ritual of watching television, in the warm glow of the fire,  whereas I would be expecting to be enjoying long evenings in the garden. It seems the programmers have the same view or why else would they be offering such a paucity of worthwhile shows to watch. Because of this seasonal aberration I’ve been finding out about stuff that I didn’t need to know. Hotels that offer accommodation at £15,ooo per night, a boxer (worth $200 ooo,ooo) being offered an amnesty on a prison sentence for assaulting his wife because he’s worth more to Las Vegas free and fighting, the editor in chief of a well known glossy magazine demanding that hotels, worldwide, are aware her slightest whims, with regard to her arrogant self importance, in advance, to save her those two or three extra minutes at the reception desk on arrival, the fact that a self satisfied lump has sold himself and his chums as a multi million dollar brand does not make me want to Kiss and Makeup: it  makes me want to take a piss and throw up. Time for a walk in the countrystile_hedge_may15_0837 As I walked up the lane I fell into step with Marie-Therese, the wife of one of our neighbours, who was heading up the hill to fetch a tractor back to the farm. Her husband, Patrick, was spreading shit on the fields and I couldn’t help thinking that I knew of far better places for it.tractor_fields_may15_0821

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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33 Responses to Kiss and Make up……

  1. wisejourney says:

    what a beautiful spot to take your walk…I will take one too today.

  2. …Roger, are you in one of those “moods today?” Some of your comments and language seem out of sync with your usual writing tone…

  3. Thanks for the laugh and the beautiful photos. The weather here on Cape Cod is similar. With one month to go until summer, Spring finally made its arrival known, and television is as drear as in La Belle France.

  4. Your walk looked so much more enjoyable than sitting inside. I avoid TV like the plague now, I just grab a book and hide behind it. French TV is pathetic, apart from Thalassa and Faut Pas Rêver….

  5. Tandy says:

    I have been counting the days to experiencing warm weather in Europe and it isn’t looking hopeful at all!

  6. Mad Dog says:

    If I didn’t know you are France I’d be looking for Constable’s easel in the second photo 😉

  7. Just get rid of the TV, Roger. Living without one for more than a decade has improved my disposition.

  8. spree says:

    what a corner of Eden you live in. there should be no better cure for what ails than a walk outside your doors.

  9. TV is so awful over here, I’ve taken to streaming old BBC series on Netflix.
    I don’t think any program could beat that beautiful countryside.

  10. Karen says:

    A walk in the country always is enjoyable…much better than the choices on TV.

  11. If, or when, you get that shit into its required place, Roger, be sure to use that photographic skill of yours to record it. It is not something I should care to miss.

  12. Eha says:

    🙂 ! You should be having the time of your life watching Giro d’Italia and Tour of California at the moment: wonderful travel in the armchair which makes one want to climb on one’s own bike after!!! [and why not enter the ‘land of funky cult’ with Eurovision this weekend: totally relaxing!!]

  13. this made me laugh out loud 🙂 Images are beautiful.

  14. Know how you feel (felt) Roger, got back to Spain and it’s as if the news is still the same as it was 10 months ago. Beautiful, beautiful shots.

  15. Thank you for the chuckle, but not for feeding my “what is the world coming to?” mood. It started the other night when I went to the theater to see The Great Gatsby. At the credits, a voice in the row behind said “Oh, look, it is based on a book!”.

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