First taste of summer…

tomatoes_capers_anchovies_1755For three successive mornings we have woken to sun pouring in through the windows. But winter habits being hard to shake off, ask any monk, on my way back from buying bread, I stopped at Claude’s house to order some more firewood to be delivered next week. For the Vendéen farmers, frosts don’t stop until April 13, and I’ve found that to be true. In contrast to that, the door to the garden is wide open, for the first time since last autumn, allowing the fresh, warm air to circulate through the house. The feel of the sun and the colour of the sky affect my palate as much as any other of my senses. My morning toast was rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with tomatoes, anchovies and capers. It was my first taste of this summer and was, happily, not a mirage.

About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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38 Responses to First taste of summer…

  1. Well that’s a wonderful way to break the fast. Have a nice day Roger. Enjoy the sun while it last 😉

  2. Lucky you, it is still winter in New England, 33 F, but the sun is shining and the spring snow is gone, for now at least.

    Wonderful picture, as always. Your breakfast looks and sounds delicious.

  3. Lucky you, and my favourite breakfast too 🙂

  4. That’s a delicious looking breakfast. I’m happy to hear about the pleasant turn in the weather – sounds like you’re enjoying it!

  5. spree says:

    I like what you said Roger about the feel of the sun and the color of the sky affecting your palate… I’d never thought of it quite like that, but now that I do I see how true. Honestly! that is one gorgeous breakfast to my eyes! May the sun warm your back for days to come before you’re once again back to chopping firewood.

  6. That does look like summer and a delicious colourful breakfast, my favourite when we have tomatoes from the garden, all summer long. I hope the weather lasts – this time of year the warmth and light seem cruel sometimes, taunting us with the possibilities before withdrawing again.

  7. Mad Dog says:

    Delicious and so nice to see the sun 😉

  8. Right. That’s it. I shall be arriving for breakfast tomorrow morning. The snow has been coming down here and it is too cold and dank to move. The light confounds photography and I have never felt less like eating a salad in my life. I am sitting here bundled up in layer upon layer of fleeces. On second thoughts, I might just cut straight to the Dominican Republic.

  9. Michelle says:

    Send some of that warm sunshine our way. Raining now. Snow coming. 😦

  10. Eha says:

    Yes, yes, yes – now this is my kind’of breakfast [OK, had similar for lunch yesterday 🙂 !] Oh, what is the difference – a cup of black coffee v a glass of dry white!!!!

  11. ChgoJohn says:

    Anchovies atop fresh tomatoes was a Summer treat Mom often served, though it will be months before any of our tomatoes will be worth eating raw. I can’t hep but feel a bit nostalgic when I prepare them for myself, just as I did when I saw your photo, Roger. Thank you for that.

  12. Tessa says:

    Lovely breakfast! Capers and tomatoes… Delish!

  13. Very delicious looking, Roger!

  14. Karen says:

    Oh you are killing me. We still have snow on the ground with a little more tomorrow night. At our summer cottage in Maine, the last threat of frost is the end of May. I’ll just have to enjoy the warmth of your photos.

  15. Ros Long says:

    Sounds wonderful! I’m sitting in our conservatory looking at snow and grey skies! I so need a lovely warm sun to pour through. Maybe if I make your delicious toast with tomatoes and anchovies I can pretend!

  16. Your photos are so vibrant –it’s stunning!

  17. Tandy says:

    knowing that winter likes to visit well into April, the firewood is a good idea! Lovely breakfast Roger 🙂

  18. Thanks for sharing your post! I’m so happy spring is finally here and summer is on it’s way so I can take off my gas grill cover and start BBQin’!

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