Je mange bien tous les jours…..another week of good food.

oeufs_meurette_4415Les oeufs meurette are an intense combination of eggs, lardons, mushrooms, shallots, garlic and red wine that has the power to revive me when I’m not at my best. It has nothing to do with the wonderful recipes from Laurence Méry-Clark‘s book, “Je mange bien tous les jours”, that will follow this preamble, but I thought it worth mentioning to any of you who, like myself, do not find these mad March days anything but enervating. This first quarter of each year is the time when I feel that I would like to have a job. I’ve never had a job, so maybe I’m imagining it to be better than it would in fact be. The concept is that the cut and thrust of deadlines, competition and promotion would keep my mind off the wait for spring whilst eliminating my daily struggle with the creative sap, fruitlessly urging it to rise when it is clearly dormant. Dormant is less disturbing than catatonic, so dormant it is. Whilst I’m applying for my passetemps job, I’ll leave you to peruse these good, simple recipes.1.week42.week43.week44.week45.week46.week47.week4

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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41 Responses to Je mange bien tous les jours…..another week of good food.

  1. Delicious looking oeufs meurette Roger.

  2. It has sometimes occurred to me that while this kind of delicious yet simple cooking is attainable by almost anyone who cares, it remains out of touch for many people. It is not that they cannot afford to eat like this, it is just that they do not know how to go about cooking like this. And then it occurs that the three most important things in life are not taught in schools — cooking, managing money and finding the right husband/wife/partner. The last one probably cannot be taught, but it is near criminal that the others are passed over in favour of media studies or African literature.
    End of rant, thanks for giving me the space and thanks for the recipes.

    • I so agree with you on cooking and managing money being taught in school.Simple cooking like these recipes is so achievable. I’m meeting with the author of this book – who has a house on the Ile de Re – and I would like to find a way to re publish her book. It might be worth doing as a Kindle book. Re finding the right partner – I remember an old buffer in the country advising his sons not to marry women with big hands as it would make their old chaps look a bit silly:)

  3. Wow, the eggs look delicious. I’ve never tried them, but I can take care of that…

  4. Oh, to have someone cook those recipes for me this week. Heaven.

  5. spree says:

    Is it just me, or are there others out here having some trouble imagining Roger needing a job in order to whip up his lagging creativity?
    I am quite convinced that lightbulbs flash at will for you and that creativity is the warmth that courses through your veins! Be that as it may, welcome Spring! (And some lovely recipes & delicious looking photo.)

  6. Wonderful again! Thanks for the chance to eat well for seven days to come, at least.
    I am envious. I wish I had never had a job.

  7. Now if that was a menu for a super strict diet I’d be on it in a flash!

  8. Beautiful photo. I don’t imagine it was easy to get those shades of purple to look to striking.

  9. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I’m going to try the clafoutis.

  10. I don’t even like eggs much, but add lardons, mushrooms, shallots, garlic and red wine and a beautiful photo of them all and, yes, I’m very tempted by oeufs meurettes, and the other recipes in this post – moi aussi, je mange bien tous les jours, but I agree with designexemplars…up to a point. How to eat and cook should be taught in schools, but so should African literature….maybe not media studies, though!

  11. ChgoJohn says:

    Now this is a menu that I can get behind and I’ll definitely borrow a couple of them. One thing, though, and you’ll just have to trust me on this. Though it may be true you “find these mad March days anything but enervating …” you will look upon them as idyllic should you find yourself working in an office environment for more than a few days, if that long.

  12. Live a little Roger. Indulge. Oh wait….

  13. Michelle says:

    Kate said it best. (Beautiful eggs, by the way.)

  14. Mad Dog says:

    I’m not sure which I want to eat more – les oeufs or the roast chicken with tarragon… 🙂

  15. Eha says:

    The only positions I find hugely joyful these days are those where very definitely I am my own boss! Eggs with red wine will not do it for me . . . but calves liver always [and Holland is not the only country in the world with good examples of that 😉 ] !!!

  16. I don’t exactly have a job at the moment, so I have all the time in the world to force MTM to make oeufs meurette for me.

  17. The Bream dish sounds very tasty – I must give the steaming in the wok thing a go. thanks
    re the job thing – I’m sure the feeling will soon pass

  18. Tandy says:

    Each one of these recipes grabs my attention! And even though you don’t consider it a job, you work wonders here 🙂

  19. Karen says:

    A job…I don’t think so. We need you entertaining us with your wonderful writing, photos and recipes.

  20. Claufouti is one of the world’s best desserts! Thanks for the recipe. Happy spring!

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