Lovely buns…

It’s worrying when cows start to appear attractive. I have to stop poking my camera over hedges and luring these tasty bun fillers into the belief that they may have a future in the glossy world of media. La Vache qui Rit is a rôle model to these Parthenay beauties but they haven’t realised that, in their case, rôle means roll means bun. I wonder if there were many sensitive cannibals who didn’t like seeing their lunch on the hoof, or in their case, in the sandal. A missionary’s metacarpal pushed through the septum was a style icon for cannibals, according to cartoon mythology. which makes me think that these cows might have been giving me the hard look on account of my calf skin gloves. It’s very easy to offend if you keep eating all the creatures  or people that you meet as we know from Dr.Lecter’s troubled life. I’m starting to see this bovine portrait as an assembly of glue, shoes, charcuterie and Viking trumpets. A copy of Vogue would have been the equivalent of “Slimming Magazine” to a gourmet cannibal. The picture on the right, which I did many years ago for the “Sunday Times”,  is how it all ends. Fat man, dead cow.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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46 Responses to Lovely buns…

  1. If no one ate them, no one would bother to raise them. They would cease to exist. And there would be no more Cow Portraits.
    Or burgers.
    Love the light on the herd…

  2. Mad Dog says:

    I agree with gardenfreshtomatoes.
    I’ve never liked burgers though, I prefer the texture of real meat. Those cows make me think of huge ribs of beef and bone marrow. Lovely picture BTW – it should be a 70’s album cover – they almost look pink 😉

  3. They are so pretty Roger, but I agree with the Dog. And so did the Parrets 🙂

  4. Fantastic shot of the cows, and so nice to see your other work.
    Wish I could give up cheeseburgers, but no luck so far.

  5. I love the “tasty bun fillers” bit. 🙂

  6. Blunt….today I forwent a cowburger for a sweet potato beanburger. It was rather nice: and cheaper, too…

  7. Very clever, Roger. Good work!

  8. cecilia says:

    ha h ah ha .. fat man – dead cow!! i should send you some of my lean mean beef, so tender.. so good.. pity you are so far away! Its all bollocks about the far making it tender! Cute cows. Pass the salt! c

  9. Rachel says:

    Who is your cow stylist? Good job! 😉

  10. Your first photo makes me think you took a walk around Cecilia’s farm!

  11. I eat burgers once in a blue moon. UnAmerican not to. But, I do not know how anyone gets that size in the mouth. I prefer my burgers seldom and simple.

    And, I love the cow shot up top.

  12. Michelle says:

    Those are some fine-looking cows.

  13. Tessa says:

    Great photo of the cows! The bright orange ear tags make me think that it won’t be long before they are destined to become bun fillers…

  14. Eha says:

    Photo two: huh, was there a photo two 😉 ! Photo one caption: ‘You would not dare’!!!!

  15. Catwalk cows! They´re beautiful 🙂 And I´m with the carnovires I´m afraid 😦

  16. Carnivores…but you know I meant that!

  17. Hehe! wisely written Roger. The photograph of the cows is fantastic 🙂

  18. Luckily, I don’t think they have any idea how delicious they look! And as others have said they wouldn’t even exist if we weren’t going to eat them. Nor would the calves that have to die so that vegetarians(and omnivores) can have their cheese – no milk without calves. As you may have guessed I’m a passionate omnivore. Lovely picture and, like MadDog, it makes me think of steak rather than burgers every time.

  19. ChgoJohn says:

    It’s good to be back, Roger, and your posts are one of the reasons why. “Fat man, dead cow/” the perfect summation, although i doubt the subjects in your opening photo would agree. As for the second’s subject matter, well, that’s just wrong.

  20. Gracious.. the last thing I expected to see was a bovine’s muzzle after reading the words: Lovely Buns! Perhaps if they’d been standing the other direction… Lovely burger though, I must admit I like those buns!

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