Summertime blues……

The August malaise of “all play” is starting to make Jacques a dull boy. If me equals Jacques then boy equals ageing smudger. The longed for beribboned parcel of  sun and blue skies duly arrived. It arrived after a long wait and I was impatient to unpack it. We had talked about how wonderful it would be when it arrived and had looked enviously at pictures of other people who already had some. It didn’t take long to tear off the beautifully wrought wrapping of bells, ribbons and bows. We’ve played with it quite a lot now to the point that some days we don’t play with it at all. There’s a similarity to the scenario of finding a car, with a huge satin bow tied all around it, in the street outside your house and realising it’s a present for you. Once the ribbon has been hurriedly torn off and you’re driving down the road it’s just a car that needs petrol, insurance and all the other annoyances that take the “present” out of the present. I’ve started to hear the murmurs in my head asking myself what I’d like for Christmas. These blackberries in crème de mûre help to keep me in the summer groove, ingrate that I am.


About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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40 Responses to Summertime blues……

  1. So beautiful Roger! I’m ready for Autumn.

  2. Noooooo! Keept the summer alive: I haven’t had my hols yet….Christmas can wait. I’m off to source some succulent blackberries.

  3. Ahhhh creme de mure, that’s on my to make list this year, slurp, slurp

  4. ceciliag says:

    No more talk of bells and ribbons turning into dots and yawns. ! When winter comes and you are moaning your arse off about the cold in your little stone house, I am going to haul up this page, wrap it chintzilly and park it out in your empty pool. Now I have to go and look up creme de mure.. I think i might want some! c

  5. You’re the second blogger to mention the dreaded “C” word.. I hope you’re not one of those who’s begun shopping already? Perhaps you could just pop over here and gift me a cup of this lovely summer heaven?!

  6. Tessa says:

    Winter? Really?… Fresh summer blackberries beat the “frozen in a bag” kind that we buy in the winter any day of the week. On a positive note, your photo of the blackberries looks simply stunning!

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    Oh, Roger. It is almost sacrilege around here to rush Summer, even though Fall probably holds the best weather of the year. It’s our Winters that are dreaded, with a bad one often becoming legendary. Just eat those luscious berries and try to think pleasant thoughts, avoiding Winter and, worst of all, Christmas.

  8. Mad Dog says:

    You should buy Jacques a croquet set for those sunny afternoons with blackberries and crème de mûre 😉

    • You may be surprised to hear that we have a Jaques (without the c) croquet set. Unfortunately this is a leftover from when we had a house with a lawn. We now have a gravel courtyard which means we have to stick to the blackberries and crème de mure without the croquet.

  9. More beautiful blackberries – how can you be tired of summer?

  10. Interesting. I was just pondering a week ago what to buy people for Christmas presents….

  11. Eha says:

    The blackberries do look most inviting . . . oh, the temperature scale showed 26 degrees yesterday and the magnolias and cherries are blossoming . . . [show-off from Down Under, I know 😉 !] . . . and, some years back I somehow eased myself off the ‘C’ word by becoming Buddhist . . . works for me . . . in many ways . . .

  12. Tandy says:

    I am loving the blackberry season I am sharing with you! Now for the start of our own 🙂

  13. Beautiful post! Yes, summer is blue… And blackberries are one of the best expressions of this season…Maybe a symbol too…

  14. Even more beautiful than the last. . . .

  15. ambrosiana says:

    Summer? Winter? I have gotten to the point where I no longer realize in which season we are. Cherries for Xmas? Maybe some blueberries?

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