An appointment with Algy…

Half full or half empty is more than just a  rhetorical question when it comes to a swimming pool. Anything other than full is “broken” or “empty”. Algy, the green goblin, has beaten me into submission. He gobbles up the most caustic of chemicals with relish. The more dangerous, and the higher the dose, the more he likes them. I had dumped such a serious cocktail of chemicals in the pool to appease Algy that, according to a pool technician, they had reached the point where they were cancelling each other out. I have no idea if there is any truth in this as I am scientifically illiterate and I believe people who can string together long sequences of believable sounding, but to me unknown, words. It’s probably how most religions started. The final advice was “I don’t know – I’d empty the pool if I was you”. For three days now I have been pumping water out of our miniature pool. It has taken three days because I only have a miniature pump and a hose with the diameter of a drinking straw. Algy is a clever bastard. As the water recedes there is no trace of Algy. His fingerprints are nowhere to be seen. The walls and steps are clean, yet the remaining water is dark green. A pathetic dribble of crystal clear water runs from the mouth of the small bore hose. Where is Algy? A bucket filled from the green water remaining in the pool will instantly become clear when removed from it’s verdant depths. This is close magic comparable to that performed by the best practitioners of that arcane art. The other thing that is clear, aside from the water in the bucket. is the close link that Algy has with the appearance of the sun. Algy may have been knwn to the Druids as he, like them, patiently awaits the rare appearances of sun in the Northern Hemisphere before performing his magic. Stonehenge might well have been the framework for a round water world with slides, high boards and even a bar in the middle which fell into disrepair and disuse owing to Algy’s  manifestation which was carefully timed to coincide with the appearance of the sun. Maybe the green mistletoe, that  is associated with Druidism, is the winter alter ego of summer Algy although embracing under the Algy in my pool would be akin to suicide. The whole point of a pool is to await the sunny days and get down to being indolent. Indolence and empty pools are not good bedfellows. They are similar to a Rolls Royce broken down by the roadside. The object of desire has metamorphosed into a target of derision. In my experience all will be blue and crystal clear as the sun leaves on it’s way for another appointment with Algy elsewhere.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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32 Responses to An appointment with Algy…

  1. That Algy, he get´s everywhere! We had the same problem and were advised to dump in a load of chemicals.Of course, we ignored the advice, ran the pool motor for 24 hours and Algy took himself off somewhere else (over to yours by the look of things)!

  2. That’s strange. When our pool reached that state, we would just “shock” it with chemicals and it would clear right up. Maybe those chemicals are not allowed in France?

  3. So, the Druids are responsible for Costner’s epic flop, Waterworld, if I’m reading you right…or I need more coffee. 😉
    Drain the pool, and (pay someone to) scrub down the sides with a bleach solution. Algy is hiding there…

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  5. After your comment on my last blog, I’m surprised you didn’t realize the solution: put some chipmunks in there and left them drink it all up!

  6. ChgoJohn says:

    We had progressively larger above-ground pools when I was young. How we dreaded the day when the “green” returned. Besides being off limits for the time being, the pool was drained so that we kids could scrub it before it was re-filled. My youth was filled with many such tales of hardship.

  7. What’s it all about, Algy? (Someone had to say it:D) This water would do wonders on March 17th.. Guinness in hand.. a little tipsy and who would know the difference? Bah.. I had an impossible time keeping my hot tub chemically inclined.. I can’t imagine managing a pool!! But so worth it in the end!! Here’s to crystal clear water sailing ahead!

  8. You might like the book – ‘The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts’…

  9. Mad Dog says:

    Drain it and install a skunk – you’ll never want to go there again 😉

  10. But what a lovely pool! Hope you can get rid of the dreaded green monster soon. We used to “shock” our pool too, but the pump was pretty powerful.

  11. “It’s probably how most religions started” is great 🙂 Algy.. algae… green muck… I like salt water but then you’re dealing with seaweed.

  12. Tandy says:

    this is the one thing about getting a swimming pool I am not looking forward to 🙂

  13. spree says:

    I’ve got good news for you Roger! We had a fresh water aquarium for years. Algae liked to hang out there too – in the beginning. But then we got these little catfish-like things that motored around devouring every last smidge of the green stuff! If you’re willing to share the pool with some smallish whiskered fish, your problem is solved!

  14. You know, I never realised that you could have unstoppable algae. What a bummer. I hope some unexpected vanquisher of algae appears and you are rewarded by hours and hours of blessed poolside indolence….

  15. That is so uniformly green, it reminds me of lime Jello.

  16. ambrosiana says:

    Now that is what I call an unpleasent appointment!! I am so sorry for that!! I hope you find a solution asap!!!

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