Ever get the feeling that you’ve been cheated

“We only go because the children love the toys” Outside of the general horrors perpetrated daily by mankind, most of which are as uncontrollable and futile as training a great White to bring the morning newspaper, I find the steady rise of profits for the MacDonald’s chain deeply depressing. As a result of these profits they are going to raise their prices to offset “a hike in its ingredients used to make its products” sic(k). According to my rapid internet search there are 112 Macdonald restaurants with a London postcode. Each restaurant may have around 1500 visits per day. which would suggest that more than a million of the 7.7 million souls living in London choose to eat Mac stuff on a regular basis. It is another example of man’s most successful endeavours being based squarely on greed, and neatly side stepping any hint of philanthropy. I beg of you not to mention donations to charities. In my short time directing TV commercials in London, I had some small experience of hamburger land. I should make it clear that I did not ever attain the honour of being an approved Macdonald’s director (sic transit….). but in achieving this rejection I did sit through a jaw dropping meeting during which I was regaled with the messianic message of the golden arches. The skill of home economists in preparing the perfect examples of Hamburger art, as seen on TV and in press advertisements, gained them the prestigious title of Hamburger King or Queen – depending. The placement of the  perfect “V” of melting yellow stuff, often called cheese, was an art in itself. It was not unusual to see teams sifting through mountains of trays of buns for “heros”, which heroic buns would then have sesame seeds glued onto them to match the text book bun. Hypodermic syringes squirt perfect drizzles of mayonnaise or ketchup. The article sold bears so little resemblance to the idealised picture above the till that it beggars belief that such a cosmetic stunt could be perpetrated more than once on the same person. In the words of Johnny Rotten “Ever get the feeling that you’ve been cheated? Good night!”

I wrote this in January 2011



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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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13 Responses to Ever get the feeling that you’ve been cheated

  1. I used to work on the Kraft foods Magazine and the photography briefs sound similar:-)

  2. andylmoore says:

    Don’t get me started Roger. The manufactured food thing makes me feel sick – there is such a wide gap between the brand promise and reality.

  3. Ugh, Mickey D’s. As Andy said don’t get me started….

  4. angela says:

    I had a convo this morning with a patron regarding the States growing obesity problem…the worst is with the children. Everyday, I hear parents ‘reward’ good library behavior with lunch @ McD. Pictures aside… just add salt, fat, and cheap sugar to addict other senses. ~

  5. Scary stuff! I had a preview of th eOlympic Park – and yes Maccers were there in all their shiny glory – something about the biggest Maccers building. On a plus side I quite liked one of the buildings, but that’s where it starts and ends

  6. ceciliag says:

    I have the tooth of a great white shark around my neck. It unexpectedly came up in a net onto the deck of a fishing trawler in Hawke Bay NZ, quite by mistake. it had already eaten most of the fish that had been caught in the net. I hate trawlers..
    anyway. The enormous shark was Very alive, very very big and it flung and lunged itself about the deck trying to rip the legs off fishermen, it was a little annoyed as you can imagine. And there was NO WAY they were going to sidle up to it and lift it back over the side. It filled half the deck. And it was all mouth and BIG teeth! So my fathers friend had to shoot it. Now a sharks brain is very small. My dad called it a very lucky shot. My Dad said that Ferril was very very lucky to have been able to kill it with one shot. well they talked about this over a whiskey for the rest of their lives. But A shark loose on deck is very bad! (it was then sold to the local fish and chip shop after the obligatory nasty photo shoot for the paper).
    Ferril had a few of the teeth set in gold and gave one to each of his four sons and one for me too.. Now sINCE i have started this story i should add the “But wait there is more” . Twenty odd years later I recognised one of his sons in a bar because we were both wearing matching sharks teeth, his in his ear (of course!) and I found Ferrils family again!
    Now i know that has nothing to do with Big Macs. But you did mention teaching a Great White to bring in the paper! sorry c

    • That is just one of the most fantastically mad and funny stories that I have heard, and all the better for being written in your own inimitable style. I’m doing a book of my blogs at the moment and have not, as yet, included any comments, This would be the exception to the rule, with your permission of course.

      • ceciliag says:

        Permission granted! Of Course. as long as the lack of caps, bad punctuation, miss spelling and complete lack of editing does not bother you..what an excellent idea to do a book of blog pages. Make sure to keep us all informed. I’d buy it! c

      • Thanks for that. And forget about the punctuation. Use it when you want to stop – like brakes:)

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