long to rain over us..

The heads that wear crowns have definitely been uneasy this weekend. I very much doubt that much gentle sleep, even with all appliances and means to boot, has come their way. With the abolition of Divine Right it can’t be much fun to be a King ( for King read Queen if you’re a girl, or if you’re a Queen) particularly if it’s cold and raining and your subjects have  got into party mood and want you to come out to play. One look out the window and I’d have let them eat cake, as much cake as it took to keep me in the warmth of my palace and away from the bloody Tower. Heading down river, as Anne Boleyn once memorably said, often ends badly and ruling the waves entails having a right arm with a life of its own.The events that mistily unfolded on Saturday convinced me that being a Royalist is fine, but that being a Royal would be to have chosen the very shortest of straws.  My wife and I managed to retain the divine right to sit in the sun and contemplate until normal service is resumed.

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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24 Responses to long to rain over us..

  1. The pool looks great. Cold here.

  2. I think the British Spirit of carrying on regardless was very important over the last few days for those who braved the rain! My parents rang this morning and told me they have the central heating on in London while we have just come inside to cool off!

  3. With no “news” to report on in the US, we were treated to a full weekend of watching it on tv…and similar weather. You Brits – you’re so generous with us upstart brats in the Colonies!
    (For the record, I chose being out in the rain…)

  4. Tandy says:

    I love the title of this blog, especially while hiding from the rain at home 🙂

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    Aside from a couple brief newscast reports, i pretty much missed the entire Jubilee. I’ll make a point of seeing the next one.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    I wouldn’t have stood in the rain, but a few friends of mine did and were delighted with the day.
    It was a good excuse for a party with fireworks and it stayed mostly dry for the one I attended yesterday. It was so good that I’ve been paying for it all morning 😉

  7. Very wise of you (and a gorgeous place for waiting)

  8. Roger, I am often unattractively envious of you and your beautiful lifestyle, but never more than this weekend. Is that photo Saturday? Really? It does make one wonder why we all persevere with this soggy graceless island, but there you go, we do.

    As you put it so eloquently, you had the better part this weekend 🙂

  9. Roger, the greens in you recent shots are showing on my screen as very green. Disturbingly green. Either you have moved la Moussiére to Ireland, or you’re leaning on the saturation slider a little hard. I am enjoying the blog; I am puzzled by the colour.

  10. Really funny (and clever) post!

  11. Funny. When I saw coverage of the floating parade, I, too, thought of Anne Boleyn.

  12. Broken record here, but boy does that look like a rough life.

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