The bar that Zagat forgot to visit….

This is the nearest bar to our house which, I should mention, is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, life…I have to confess that the cats have been dead for a couple of years but the feling (sic) remains. Out through the gate in the wall and across the yard, leaving a vegetable garden to my right, and in a about 40 steps I’m at the bar. As there is rarely more than three or four people there, more often just two of us, the nomenclature of “bar” is bar is hyperbolic. My neighbour’s cave is where I go when he invites me for a “coup de rouge” which event may occur at 9.00am or 9.00pm. It’s a place where I am invariably content to be. Conversation never includes sport or big tits which leaves more interesting things to discuss such as our respective new aches and pains, the failure of all governments world wide to achieve any of their aims with special attention to France, eating and drinking. This is a place where wines rarely age. Most of them are harsh when young and will only get harsher with age, so are best drunk quickly whilst trying to keep a smile on rapidly blackening lips. It’s a place of comfort where the sanity of having chosen to  live in such a place becomes clearer to me each day.

About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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43 Responses to The bar that Zagat forgot to visit….

  1. “blackened lips” Like

  2. Mad Dog says:

    That’s my kind of bar 😉

  3. Brilliant and I love “this is a place where wines rarely age”…the best kind of “wine bar” in my view. Santé!

  4. A lovely glimse into French life, in the country. Your photos are great.

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    I’m fairly confident that anyone who reads more than a few of your posts will come to realize that this is the place in which you were meant to live. It seems such a perfect fit. Good for you!

  6. How lovely to have an intimate bar available to you and so close by! You’d never get that in the States.

  7. Roger,
    the first photo is a stunner. I wish I could take ’em like that. The second one puzzles me: what are the squarish things in the foreground? Are they wine casks? I am surprised if they are, but then, I do not know your bar, nor your taste in wine.

  8. Michelle says:

    Very, very, very fine indeed, with all thanks to CSN&Y. Alas, we live in a dry (well, OK, now what they call “moist” where just a few crappy restaurants are allowed to sell booze) county. Swear to god.

  9. Harsher when older, that made me laugh. I love this place.

  10. a. m. f. says:

    Enjoyed this romp very much…wonder if Hemingway’s ghost ever wanders in for a spell; seems his type of place as well ~

  11. Tandy says:

    I like this bar!

  12. ceciliag says:

    Excellent, from now on i shall call my wine the Cave Wine and its harshness will be acceptable. Plus i am having my cave built as we speak, no gorgeous heavy ancient stones like your 40 step friendly bar though. And (in reference to your comment above) you don’t have to drive home either! All good. c

  13. It looks like the sort of bar where one could sort out the world’s problems.. and then forget what you’d decided by the next morning:)

  14. vivinfrance says:

    T’a mal ou? Partout? Santé

  15. Oh, Roger, if anything could make me get on a plane and emigrate immediately, this post could. What a great escape: the conversation sounds perfect. I love the ‘drink it quickly’ philosophy…

  16. Hi,

    Recently posted a piece on Carralets which given your headline photo you should like.

    also how about putting a banner link on my new links page?

  17. ....RaeDi says:

    My kind of life… thank you for the peek into the French countryside! I love it when life slows down enough to see the true beauty in life… that can be just some shared simple words too! Love the little place you found to relax and let some time spend by! You have found a little piece of heaven at your back door so to speak!

  18. katyarich says:

    I really like this wine cake, I’ve been to one bar that was in a cave in Tarragona – Barcelona, it’s great, living in Spain made me appreciate red wine!

  19. thomas peck says:

    When I was 18 I worked on a farm in the Jura for a season. The farmer delighted in inviting people into his cave where much wine was consumed. Your post brings back some lovely fond memories… Tom

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