2 across: what connects tripe, ears and trotters? 3 letters.

This morning I became acutely aware of a personal weakness, one that may be called enigmatic in that this particular weakness is ambivalent. The Pauline moment was upon me as I read a post filled with tripe and piggy offal from Chica Andaluza . Like many callow, home county bred Englishmen I have a problem with tripe and ears. I am genuinely keen to start a meaningful relationship with both of them but, whilst travelling under the flag of semi vegetarianism ( apparently it’s similar to being semi pregnant, but that’s by the by), this is never going to be easy. The blood soaked Mr Hyde in me loves pigs trotters, kidneys, blood sausages and much else from the butchery of the abattoir and knackers yard whereas Dr. Roger Jekyll is sickened by such excesses. As you may note, this is not an easy head within which to live and think. My problem lies in the Auschwitzian systematic killing and dismembering of so many living creatures during each hour of every day of every year in order that there may be enough choice of  body parts to satisfy each and every whim of the tiny proportion of  people on our planet who are lucky enough to be able to choose. The majority of the produce resulting from this hourly massacre is destined to be thrown away as garbage while the majority of the world starves. Any way, “I still like sausages”  says Mr. Hyde and when they’re suitably disguised under a soft blanket of tender and flavoursome Puy Lentils even Dr.J is content to tuck in. The simple dish of Toulouse sausages, Puy lentils, aromatic vegetables and red wine is a deeply satisfying and comforting dish which, I am pleased to say, I eat without compunction even though there is a very meaty presence on the plate. 

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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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18 Responses to 2 across: what connects tripe, ears and trotters? 3 letters.

  1. For some odd reason, the last time I had Toulouse sausages was in London. Go figure. Stop hanging around slaughter houses, Roger. This will both improve your appetite and relieve your conscience 🙂

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Great still life and beautiful looking casserole! Pigs ears are quite delicious, as is the entire face of a pig – it’s all crackling. If it’s all chopped up and you don’t see what it was, it’s just like eating crackling from a pork roast. Tripe on the other hand is chewy and flavourless, a bit like chewing a rubber band. It does look fantastically weird though 😉

  3. Glad you “still like sausages” Roger – don´t want to have been responsible for you becoming “totalement” vegetarian as I imagine that would be quite tricky in France! Fabulous photo of that pot of sausages and lentils…quite gory though (in a good way)…

  4. You had me at ‘lentils’… 🙂

  5. spree says:

    Roger, I so agreed with your thoughts on the small % of us who can be picky and choosey about the parts of the animal we eat, leaving the “less-desirable” parts for the heap. Pretty convicting, that! At least in this instance. because I don’t eat little porkers, I don’t have to feel guilty because I don’t eat their little ears either. As always, beautiful photography. I don’t think I’m familiar with Puy lentils, so I’ll have to search them out. Are they the French green lentils??? Or something different altogether?

  6. I have the same feeling when I see cans of artichoke heart. Were all those leaves wasted? Too much food in general goes to waste. All those bones that don’t go in the stock pot!

  7. I’m feeling a bit queasy after reading your post. The thought of tripe and blood sausages do not sound appealing to me. Then again, I’ve eaten stranger things from the Philippines…

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    I shall not speak to your tripe biases — not today, anyway — but I will say that you’ve prepared, and photographed, one beautiful kettle of lentils! A snowstorm has just started and that sure would help to warm one up after a late afternoon spent shoveling snow.

    • You’re a truly good man, John, whose opinion I respect. I know in traditional Italian cooking, as in France, wonderful dishes are made from tripe. I’ve got a problem with uneccessary killing – that’s it. Fashion would have peacock’s hearts or larks’ tongues and I just don’t go along with it, I’ve loved the taste of meat, but lots of dudes love crack ans smack – I’m not sure loving is enough. Peasant European cookery is poles apart from the slaughter demanded by supermarkets and chains. There it is.

  9. I’ve never tried cooking Puy lentils with red wine, but I shall now because this looks wonderful, especially with the sausages. Tripe definitely needs flavourings to make it interesting, but I do love andouillettes – tripe sausages.

  10. losangelas says:

    Totally agree! I gave up meat over 1,5 years ago, thought it would be hard, but it’s not. although Ms. Hyde still dreams about a nice steak or burger or….
    Again a mouthwatering photo… mmmm

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