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On the trail of the lonesome whine…..

Well there’s no doubt that to speak or not to speak Gaelic certainly pisses off a lot of people, which seemed like a good reason to go and hide in the woods. The snow, which had not been predicted by … Continue reading

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A tart reply….

I’ve been busy making enemies – I think – over dialects and languages spoken between very small groups of people.  I love language in all its amazing forms, but I cannot, for the life of me, see the point in … Continue reading

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Manmaid perambulating permatan….

Last night there was an interesting observation made by an earthbound guardian angel in answer to his disillusioned ward who wondered how the Almighty could expect to be loved when so many dreadful things happen under his watchful eye. “Do … Continue reading

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Proportional representation worried me this morning….

There is a clear discrepancy in the proportion of wine to wood in this picture, yet the wine would get my vote every time. How can this ever work?

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Perfection lies in the details…trust me

Punctuality is an admirable but non essential virtue. As a virtue it is not overly demanding in that it only requires accuracy in its employment. Amongst my friends there is one, a peer of the realm, who as a young … Continue reading

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2 across: what connects tripe, ears and trotters? 3 letters.

This morning I became acutely aware of a personal weakness, one that may be called enigmatic in that this particular weakness is ambivalent. The Pauline moment was upon me as I read a post filled with tripe and piggy offal … Continue reading

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Is the furcula the future….

We’re not pulling our furculas nearly enough. Putting our trust in technology, appointments, the National Health or the jury system has led us a merry dance. Not that merry dancing is an option for those waiting for a hip replacement … Continue reading

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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…

I feel a deep empathy with les demoiselles Tatin as indeed I do with the Light Brigade. Were we to speak of reincarnation, after due consideration, seasoned with a lifetime’s experience of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, I … Continue reading

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Faster than a speeding pullet…

Faster than a speeding pullet, that is a pullet dragging three tractor tyres, would be an apposite description of life in the fast lane of today’s London. Indeed, when a man is tired of London, he’s probably been sitting motionless in a … Continue reading

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King Henry versus Colonel Sanders…

King Henri IV of France promised the people of France a chicken in the pot every Sunday, which would not have impressed Colonel Sanders, nor did it prevent him from flooding the world with the nightmarish result of millions of … Continue reading

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