A farewell to arms…well, the right one at least

I’ve started to notice the change in my shopping lists as winter has at last decided to enter from stage right. Butternut squash, celeriac, beetroot and parnsips are replacing tomatoes, fennel, peppers and aubergines in my selection of ingredients which is a tough call for an addict to Mediterranean flavours. Looking at my sad bowl containing the last reminders of summer food, I knew it was time to release the few remaining, healthy aubergines and let them fly south to enjoy the sun and hot oil for which they were clearly pining.To be honest, which is a bad phrase suggesting that one has been less than honest up to this point, my mind has been on other things these last couple of days. Jenny has fractured her right shoulder blade and in consequence the arm appending to that scapula is now held immobile by a very French piece of surgical wear, of the sort that is proudly displayed in any self respecting Pharmacie’s window, which has resulted in my becoming her right hand for the foreseeable future – well, certainly for a few months . It is interesting to notice that in the land of Dior, St Laurent and Nina Ricci the Pharmacie’s window display, in our small corner of France, will major on commodes, bath hoists and crutches rather than the cosmetic fripperies that are the corner stone of the fantasy that suggests the existence of le chic partout en France.


About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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15 Responses to A farewell to arms…well, the right one at least

  1. Oh, poor Jenny….but I’m sure she has a very chic support for it (and you to be her right arm, of course). The pharmacy is always the biggest, smartest shop in any village around here! The beginning of your post made me smile, though, because I’d just posted similar sentiments, although here fennel is a winter vegetable too. I love your buoyant aubergine shot.

  2. Hope Jen gets better soon.

  3. Wishing Jenny a speedy recovery.

  4. Poor Jenny. She´ll have to put a beautiful and huge Hermés scarf on her Christmas list and you can drape it lovingly over her shoulder!

  5. Ahhh…so sorry to hear about Jenny. I pulverized my right wrist a few years back in a skating accident ( I am NOT a skater) and my dear husband has never stopped making our morning coffee after that incident. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Jenny – Roger you just need to drink wine and carry on! So glad you did not totally stop writing your wonderful blog. I passed on the Liebster Award to you.

  6. Sorry to hear about Jenny. I am sure she’ll be well taken care of (though don’t forget to blog every now and then with your food shots)!

  7. Mad Dog says:

    Great picture and commiserations to Jenny. I seem to remember that Helmut Newton turned surgical wear into fashion, back in the 70’s 😉

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    Here’s hoping that Jenny’s recovery is quicker than any doctor could have possibly predicted. Then again, with you as her right arm, how could it be any different?

  9. Karen says:

    I wish Jenny the speediest of recoveries. I know that she really appreciates you being her right hand. She is in good hands for sure.

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