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What is good for the goose is ….where’s the gander gone?

A bag of goose eggs has recently become part of my larder and although I tweeted loudly, as I imagine the goose did at the moment of their delivery, no one replied to my tweets for “wonderful ideas for goose … Continue reading

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Hitting the G spot – with a hammer.

At this moment I have very bad intentions towards all things beginning with the letter G. Today it’s a very, very bad letter that initiates bad words such as grimace, ghastly, gargoyle, grim, gangrenous, gallows, gaol, gagged, garbage, garrulous, garotte, … Continue reading

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New email – until Google get their finger out

Hi there, I now set up a new email – – which will operate until I can sort out something more permanent. Thanks for your patience.

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Temporary email

Hi everyone If you need to contact me please use – . I hope to have this resolved within 48 hours, although the forums say Google are being very helpful. All the best Roger

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Important – my Gmail has been hacked

Hi there everyone My Gmail has been hacked and I cannot access any emails, whereas whoever has hacked into it is sending emails in my name. Apparently I’m marooned in Madrid, and asking my friends to send me money. This … Continue reading

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To make a good soup, the pot must only simmer or “smile”.

The aftermath of an intimate family weekend filled with sunshine, forest walks and market visits reveals that I talked and drank too much whilst omitting to take any pictures of the multitude of good things that I cooked for our … Continue reading

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Season’s change in the Vendee

Where there was shade there was frost, this morning. Long shadows from a steadily lowering sun confirm the approach of year’s end, but the blue skies keep fresh the memory of summer. It’s a time of preparation – tarpaulins are … Continue reading

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If only the writing was just on the wall.

I don’t find graffiti annoying, in fact I’m quite keen on good graffiti which means I’m keen on graffiti that I like. What I like most about graffiti is that it can be washed off, painted over, or just removed by … Continue reading

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Temple balls or how I foolishly drove out the money lenders

I don’t know what the money lenders were up to in the temple that got Him so irate, apart from lending money which has become humanity’s most important activity in the post biblical world. He might have been wiser to … Continue reading

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Got home after midnight – look what happened to the car.. and where are my rats?

This morning I put on a pair of socks for the first time since Spring, which is a clear indicator that summer has passed and wintry ways must be reinstated. The forest, which I study from my office window for … Continue reading

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