Strawberry fields forever.

The strawberry season has come to an end, for most of us. This is not the case in my neighbouring farmer’s kitchen vegetable garden. These berries have steadfastly ignored the arrival of what appears to be an early autumn. Row upon row of these beautifully coloured berries are nestling under the protection of deep green leaves. Our neighbours, Fernand and Jeanette, are recently retired from their ceaseless labour as dairy farmers, yet every piece of land that they have retained is carefully tended to  produce a yearly cycle of wonderful fruit and vegetables. The strawberry patch lies just behind the back wall of our courtyard garden, and was created with the rich,dark earth that was excavated in the creation of our small swimming pool. Before the excavation, some 6 years ago, the “townie” in me was concerned with where we could “dump” the earth, as we only have a tiny terrain with no room for the pyramid that would have been created by 100 cubic metres of earth. At that point I had not assimilated the culture of the countryside where waste is anathema and where a use is found for everything. The strange sight of twinkling CD’s strung up in the fruit trees, acting as bird frighteners, seems to be part of an alien technology. What opportunity do farmers have for relaxing with a CD? As each tree sports a dozen or more discs, it appears that they not only have the opportunity but also an insatiable appetite for music and movies, throwing out the empties like nutshells from a squirrel’s nest.

About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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13 Responses to Strawberry fields forever.

  1. Great post! I love how they’ve used the cds and that strawberry needs to be eaten! Fantastic photo.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    That picture says “June” to me and not “September.” What a wonderful late Summer surprise!

  3. Beautiful – ‘strawberry fields for September….’ if not for ever! (But, noticing you’d tagged this ’70’s music’, I wondered wasn’t this 60s? Wonderful that there’s such a good crop growing on the ‘dumped’ earth from your swimming pool.

  4. I love the no waste culture and am glad to see that the French embrace this. Fernand and Jeanette sound like the French answer to the Good Life, must make for good neighbours.

  5. This reminds me I need to replace my garden CDs. The reflective power is gone. I haven’t seen a fresh berry since May.

  6. What a perfect strawberry…now I am craving one and we don´t have any left 😦

  7. ambrosiana says:

    Beautiful strawberry but I can’t get it. It gives me a feeling kinda like the “Can’t buy me love” song, and I have an urge to play my Beatles CD and listen to both songs!!!

  8. ceciliag says:

    I laughed at your cd comment. Yesterday i asked Our John if he had any old ones I could hang in the grape vines and he was SO HORRIFIED that i would even contemplate such a thing! c

  9. I simply love this photo. It might be my favorite out of the ones I’ve seen!

  10. Karen says:

    I wonder if the cd’s are “blowing in the wind”.

  11. ....RaeDi says:

    Loved all the comments and will leave it at that, I too love the picture….RaeDi

  12. magnoliahugger says:

    Beautiful pic! I too love the idea of recycling CDs that way. Somewhere I have a whole cache of those “AOL free trial discs” – I wonder if I should break those out and make a garland?!

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