Stuck at the traffic blights

I’ve been stationary at the traffic blights for a few days now. I was misrouted and ended up stuck in that most gastronomic of a situations, a jam. This is a jam covered in a green mould, which when scraped away reveals a murky, tasteless and overrated confection.When I started writing posts a short time ago, the idea was to put down a few of my thoughts and share the pleasure that I get from food, cooking, the countryside and photography with whoever chanced upon my site. In that time I rolled smoothly on relatively traffic free roads, which is/was very pleasant. Then this strange urge for more traffic hit me, and I’ve been behaving strangely since. It goes something like this: to get more people to look at your site you need to post pictures on a set of sites that show galleries of food pictures, but the pictures need to be judged worthy of such exhibition. Unfortunately the judges appear to be groups of Californian blue rinse Betty Crockers whose view of photography and food comes from a well of knowledge so shallow that it cannot be measured. What is worse is that these self appointed arbiters of taste are leading their avid followers into believing the dreadful pictures that they display represent good photography and so blog after blog shows dull pictures in the hope that they will be selected for the Food Porker, Corn Porn or some other pointless site run by yet another coven. Enough said – I’m not going there any more and the lights have turned green. I’m happy to wave to whatever traffic comes my way, as long as its not flying on a broomstick – pace Harry Potter. Here are some wonderful artichokes poivrades which I’ve cooked, covered for an hour, with an intense tomato sauce flavoured with thyme, basil and parsley. At the end of the cooking, they are sprinkled with fresh breadcrumbs and parmesan and flashed under a hot grill.


About Food,Photography & France

Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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11 Responses to Stuck at the traffic blights

  1. This looks fantastic and must taste wonderful. I’ll be cooking this when I can find some artichokes – everything’s earlier over here and ours in the garden were finished in May, but they’re still in the markets.

  2. Gorgeous artichokes! And you’re right.

  3. Karen says:

    I love artichokes but have not had them with tomatoes…don’t know why. They look beautiful.

  4. This looks so tasty – what happened to your honey idea? Too many glasses of red?

  5. It’s always odd to me what draws traffic and what doesn’t. You can’t predict it. Actually, people seem to like desserts. Anyway, these look amazing, as always.

  6. I know exactly how you feel! And, my photos are nowhere near your superb quality. I think your artichoke photos look extremely delicious.

  7. I love the photos, and I sincerely hope that you area happy with them as well. I agree we should do the work that inspires and fulfills us, but I understand the “need” for traffic. I have found myself caught in the same or similar round-a-bout. Thanks for reminding me of why I do photography, and why I keep coming back to visit your site.

  8. ambrosiana says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I believe in following your gut feelings and do what you love to do. The rest will follow smoothly.

  9. joshuafagans says:

    Hey now! I’m a California Betty Crocker! Ok, maybe more of a Julia Childs ;). I have definitely had similar experiences but as one with an arguably discriminating taste in food and photos I say just keep up what you are doing your content is great and these artichokes look grand! Besides, you already get more comments than me :).

  10. David says:

    That last shot has made me want to cook – and its only 8am… Mouth watering. Job well done!

  11. ChgoJohn says:

    I bought some artichokes just this past wekend and have been searching for a way to prepare them. Well, I just found it. THese look delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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