All is not gold that glisters…certainly not these tomatoes

Or “all that glisters is not gold”, but whichever way it’s still not easy to make a tomato look like this. It would be easy with a hammer or a cricket bat, but not with the amount of care and skill that I lavished on this prime pomodoro. Just be grateful that I’m not a plastic surgeon when I use platitudes such as “No, really, trust me – it looks great” “No way will people stare – only in blind admiration” ” I’m thinking of having the same done myself”. What I’m going to say is not far off that and just as unbelievable – “Trust me, it tastes fantastic”. Maybe fantastic is the wrong word as it equally conjures strangeness and enters into the realm of acquired tastes, a realm wherein one is offered tastes so dreadful that a camel dung canapé would seem like an amuse bouche at Noma, only you wouldn’t have to sell your house to eat it, just your soul to avoid it. Any way, back to my modification of Nigel Slater’s “Baked tomatoes with cheese and thyme”. I blame the the appearance of sliced and melted lavatory rolls in my picture on my poor and hurried choice of goat cheese. I live in a land where goats roam like goats, and still I buy the wrong cheese. Blindfolded eating is reasonable, but that’s the end of blindfold shopping for me. “See Naples and die” never struck me as a great selling strapline, but it vies for madness with “Once eaten never forgotten”. I, like crumbling, poverty stricken Naples am going to adopt the “Once eaten..” in the hope that you, dear reader, may be rash enough to give it a go. Here’s the way to Naples:


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Photographer and film maker living in France. After a long career in London, my wife and I have settled in the Vendee, where we run residential digital photography courses with a strong gastronomic flavour.
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7 Responses to All is not gold that glisters…certainly not these tomatoes

  1. ambrosiana says:

    “Guarda Napoli e poi muori”…..Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I went to Naples last February, and I almost “died” by looking at all the garbage spread out throughout Naples. It is pitty that such wonderful city is reduced to this horrible conditon. As regards to your tomatoes and goat cheese, to me it looks yummy!!. However, your thoughts about it reminds me of what they say in Italy when something is delicious but not so good looking: “Brutti ma buoni” , which means “ugly but good tasting”.

  2. My wife’s been wanting me to do this with tomatoes, now I have no excuse. Looks awesome.

  3. This recipe sounds really interesting. Anchovies? Hmm…I’ll definitely have to try this soon! I like the photo anyway!

  4. It looks like gold to me because I can imagine the wonderful flavours of the tomato, olive oil and goats’ cheese. And I love the blues of the pan and background. Those logs do behave a bit strangely when cooked, though, don’t they? I may try this dish with the fresher pelardons from our local goat farm.

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  6. Rachel says:

    Thanks to Rufus (Greg) for pointing to this. I got some beauuuuutiful tomatoes at the moment, and a nice big chunk of feta as well… should work a treat!

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