Landscape Print Gallery

I have created a set of pictures, both landscapes and food, which are now available to be purchased as A3 or A4 prints. The images are printed on white Matte 230gm Fine Art paper, and come unframed.Price list

Landscapes and Life in France

Cattle at Moulin Texier, Vendée

Harvest at Les Ouillères, Vendée

Going against the flow

Landscape on the way to Tours

A hill farm in the Vendée

Avenue of trees near Chinon

Autumn on the river at Mervent

Fishing nets on the beach at La Cotinière, Île d’Oléron

A glass of beer on the bar

A dignified man at the market

Fishing from a cabane in the Vendée

Deux cabanes de pêcheur

Misty morning on the river

12 Responses to Landscape Print Gallery

  1. spree says:

    Your work is exquisitely beautiful. Over and over again, I’m a little embarrassed to say, I gasp when my eyes fall on what your eyes have seen, and your masterful camerawork has captured. Simply and wholely exquisite. Thank you.

  2. Hello, so very nice photos, I particularly like the ‘Man in the Market’ I am starting a similar blog but for Poitou-Charentes and concentrating on photos. Have a look at my pic of the man fishing in Civray …… same sort of atmosphere as your man.

    all the best Alan W

  3. your photography is beautiful, i love the autumn fisherman

    if i may ask, how do you sell your photos here on wordpress? i’m new to e-commerce and am looking for a simple way for people to purchase my photos

    thank you for any advice you might have!

    • Hi there
      I’ve had no success whatsoever selling my pictures on line, which is a shame. I had planned to sell prints from A6 up to A3 and send them in reinforced packaging, but so far no luck. I’m a semi retired photographer now, so I sell the majority of my pictures through Getty or Stockfood International. Thanks for the kind words about my pictures.

  4. Beautiful photography and of places that have such character! Perhaps if you make it clear from the start of this page that you are a professional photographer that might make people more keen to consider buying your prints, as they would be from a trusted source. Just an idea :)) Lovely to discover your blog. I am a big fan of France and of photography. Food to but that’s not something i blog about, not yet… Laura

    • Thanks so much for some excellent input and for following my blog. I must make it clearer on the blog that I am a professional photographer…having been one since 1968 it’s easy to forget to mention it. Being that everyone in the world is now a photographer, I wasn’t sure how much value such a statement would have:)

  5. I’ve always admired the man leaning on the bar. I don’t use paypal. Can you ship to the U.S.?

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