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Angry birds…

The glow of satisfaction in which to bask at the end of a hard day’s work is as elusive to me as a pretty chicken. After living in the French countryside for some years I am as far from conceiving what … Continue reading

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Clinging on in heavy syrup….a wet dream

On most nights I have a dream and, although in my waking moments I have begun to forget everyone and everything’s name, I very often retain a clear image of some tiny fragment of each night’s unconstrained meanderings. This morning’s memory … Continue reading

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It was the Sunday before Christmas…

…not that it made any difference, apart from the shops being open. If only those annoying people wouldn’t lie sleeping in the doorways. It’s exactly the sort of thoughtless behaviour that can so easily spoil Christmas.  Just imagine…you’re coming out … Continue reading

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The horny (or is it thorny) problem of oral satisfaction in public…

It’s not surprising that, of the two, only “brunch” has survived from the portmanteau duo which includes the unpleasantly named “tupper”.  The end result of asking  friends and acquaintances  to join you for “tupper” would be, at best, a reduced circle of … Continue reading

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A beautiful November morning which magically transformed itself into dark, rain filled afternoon reminded me of Kingsley Amis’ dazzling description of a hangover, which I reread today in a blog that has become a favourite of mine, namely The Bully … Continue reading

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An ideal butcher’s shop…..for a vegetarian

Spooky tales, horror stories and accounts of ghostly manifestations are all grist to my mill. The mill in question grinds them to a pulp of words which I reorganise into something that interests me. The spine chiller genre does nothing … Continue reading

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“The Spud” with Joan Collins..

Inside the bubble that is my today, all is peace and tranquility. Outside this bubble, even through the muffling effects of both choice and double glazing, farm machines are ceaselessly thrumming. Those outside of my bubble are marching to the … Continue reading

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Fragile – handle with care..

The addition of the above caveat to a parcel, emotion, relationship or political situation will rarely induce the suggested care in those who are commissioned to handle it. Such a warning demands that it should be examined roughly and shaken … Continue reading

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Preserving a myth…

There was a poster for a lemon cordial that I still clearly remember from my childhood. It was an illustration of a lemon with a humanoid face that was puckered with the sharpness that we  associate with lemon juice: “Idris … Continue reading

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The right to bare arms….

It’s 7 a.m and the temperature’s building. All our winter weather wishes have been granted and you could cook an egg on my head. You could also make pea soup with the swimming pool as, chameleon like, it’s taken on … Continue reading

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